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  1. +1 Sharky.... Ross is the man. Not too many times can you just call up and talk to someone with his knowledge. He has like 30 sum patents for suspension. He is also employed by Kayaba of Japan so needless to say he knows his stuff. Ive known him for a for years and he will not give you a pitch or sell you something you dont need. If you can talk to him or Will it would be like talking to your own professional suspension tech.
  2. welcome bmc... i live in marysville, not too far from dublin. im always looking for someone to ride with. we will have to meet up in the spring. when i go riding i come right through dublin anyways.
  3. i found all the info on their website 625. thanks for the heads up on that place. looks like it is a nice place.
  4. is that near camp ohio on 595
  5. ive heard of haspin but never been there. where is it,indiana?
  6. where is begleys campground? never heard of it as many times as ive been there
  7. looking to meet up with some tt'ers to ride somewhere this weekend. saturday and sunday works for me!! could even camp somewhere friday and saturday also.
  8. i got monday off and was thinking of heading down to wayne(from columbus) anyone else heading down or want to meet up and ride somewhere else?
  9. camp ohio now has their own trail that connects to wayne and they also have showers now, it was $10 a night 2 years ago, i dont know what the price is now!!
  10. can anyone ride, preferably in the morning or early afternoon?
  11. 119- combo of my 2 favorite riders growing up yogi(11) henry(19)
  12. im in marysville/ashville, anyone want to hit wayne on mon or tues the 30th/ 1st
  13. cactus, i work nights and weekends, my days off are on mons. and tues., always looking for someone to ride with on those days
  14. you can buy a woody sticker sheet from throttle jockey, comes with checkered flag and american flags for $15
  15. his last race is orlando..... his first 4 wheel race is 24th