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    Maxxis SI vs. Michelin S-12

    Hi guys Here in Iceland I think the Michelin S-12 is the most populer tire but now the tire is getting worse, it wears faster now and the knob's ribs of here in the rocks. I have bin useing S-12 in front and rear but now I am trying Metzeler MC6 in the front and it is great. The grip in the side knob's are great while Im crowling on rocks and mud and it lock like it wears slowly(safe money becouse it cost the same but last longer). I´m thinking to try Maxxis in the rear next, I can have that on great price and I´m not happy with the S-12 longer, it last short. Do you recommend any specific type that grips like S-12? Best regards from Iceland Dóri Sveins A KTM might not be your first motorcycle, but it will be your last. When you've tried the rest, buy the best KTM.