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  1. DKWR250F

    WR250F Exhaust Baffle Question

    Thank you. I just wanted them to remove the inner baffle, not the whole thing. Does anyone have any experience with an FMF Titanium Q or Q2?
  2. DKWR250F

    WR250F Exhaust Baffle Question

    No, there is an inner baffle (the one that is supposed to be removed to unplug the bike) inside the "stinger" inside the silencer which is connected to the head pipe I should have known better than to ask a question.
  3. My dealer "unplugged" my 06 WR250F for me. Instead of just removing the inner baffle from the stinger, they removed the entire stinger apparatus. My question is will it damage anything for me to ride it as is? Thanks.
  4. DKWR250F

    2006 Wr250f

    Did you have any issues installing the Flatland radiator guards? I thought I read somewhere that the shrouds had to be trimmed and someone was having issues re-installing a bolt on their shrouds. I think it was on a YZ250F however. Thanks.
  5. DKWR250F

    2006 Wr250f

    I am planning on purchasing a 2006 WR250F in the next month or so. I would like some input on what modifications/parts (other than the baffle, gray wire, throttle stop) you folks have any ideas on. If anyone has any input good or bad on the following items I would appreciate any comments before I purchase these items: I want to add a quiet exhaust upgrade. Any thoughts on the FMF Titanium Q or Pro Circuit Type 496 Silencers? I am planning on sticking with the stock pipe at this time. I have read in several magazines that these silencers will help the bottom end power significantly. True/False? Devol Engineering Skid Plate and Radiator Guards versus Flatland Racing equipment? Cycra Handguards Fredette Chain Guide What are your thoughts on the Power Now, Power Now Plus and Boyesen Quick Shot? In your experiences are the power gains worth the time and expense to install them? Has anyone tried a JD Jetting Kit? I am located in central Missouri at an elevation of 850 feet. Any thoughts? How about rear disk guards and case savers? I want to make informed purchases and don't want to waste my money on needless/worthless modifications. Thanks for your help.