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  1. sd929rr

    The TE610

    Okay I have read all the bad things about the Te610. I have an 2006 Te610 that I haven't had a problem with yet. (Probably Jinxing myself) I have 780 miles on it no leaks or anything yet. I will be rejetting it next month when I get my pipe in. So far the only thing I don't like about the bike is the stock exhaust is extremely hot with the catalytic converter in it. No other complaunts yet. Shaun TE610 CBR1000RR
  2. sd929rr

    TE/SM 610 Skidplates

    I put the older skid plate on my TE610 and just drilled a hole by the primary plug hole. Wasn't that big of deal. Shaun
  3. sd929rr

    Dirt Bagz on a 2006 TE610

    The bags look good. I mounted a little Moose bag on the rear rack. It bolted right on just needed to put bigger washers on it. I just need to figure out how to carry an extra 2 gallons of gas for my ride in the Big Bend area. I'm sure I won't need it but it would be nice. Shaun TE610 FJR1300 CBR1000RR
  4. sd929rr

    TE 610 Fuel Requirements..??

    I removed my seat and there is a sticker on the rear fender with fuel requirement listed as unleaded 90R+M/2. This is a 2006 TE610 Good luck Shaun
  5. sd929rr

    2006 TE610 alternator wattage ???

    I found in my owners manual on page 132 where it is listed at 240 watts. Hope that helps. Later Shaun