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  1. tubthumper85

    Fork Seals

    Im just confused, you pay to have someone change your tires but you want to change your fork seals? I think its great that you want to do the forks seals yourself but maybe start with the simple things. Do 2 tire changes yourself and you have paid for all the special tools you need to buy for fork seals. I personally dont like paying people to do jobs that I can do or learn to do. Plus its a good excuse to buy new tools!!!
  2. tubthumper85

    Check This Out

    Just a new set of rings and you should be good to go!!! haha jk. Never seen one that bad before, I think you have to split the case to really see how much damage has been done. Looks like a lot of the piston might be in the crank case, hopefully it didnt mess up the case. I would at least plan on new crank/bearings maybe more?? As for the head I dont see anything to serious besides the valves. Could probably be cleaned up and used again, if you had seats recut w/new valves. By the looks of it the guy you got it from wasnt much for keeping up on maintenance and if it was mine that I planned on riding I would just plan on new head, cylinder, and crank so you start fresh. Sad to hear someone stole your bike, I had one get stolen in Vegas. Dont people know better than to mess with a mans bike?
  3. I am going riding in Cambodia for a week with a company called Dancing Roads Dirtbike Tours. The tour comes with your choice of an XR 250 or CRF 230, but I think those will be a little to slow since I ride a CRF450R at home. Their upgrades are DRZ400, XR400, WR250F, WR450F and CRF250. Used to have a DRZ400, but was thinking of taking the CRF250 just because Im curious to see how much power it has and how much lighter it feels compared to the CRF450. Or am I going to be disappointed the whole trip and wish that I would have gotten the WR450 http://www.dancingroads.com/bikes.html Will post pics and ride report when I get back. Im guessing its going to be Legen....wait for it.....dary!!!
  4. tubthumper85

    What year front forks will fit my 06

    Hey thanks, I will make sure I get 05-08 to keep it simple.
  5. tubthumper85

    Look at this ride !!!

    Hmm looks just like mine, jk. But I did just buy some stock hubs that are powder coated red that I am going to lace up with black excel rims.
  6. I am looking at buying an extra set of front forks so I can experiment with re valving and still keep a set on my bike. From what I found they changed from 03 to 04 but what are the differences and can I make the older style work? Thanks
  7. tubthumper85

    New Tools?

    I wouldnt buy anything cheaper than Craftsman(not saying Craftsman is bad). Cant beat their warranty, price, and lots of locations. If you on a budget pick up just the basic metric socket sets in deep and shallow. Your own preferance on 3/8 or 1/4 inch drive, I seem to use the 1/4 inch drive the most since alot of bolts are 8mm to 12mm. Could do without the 3/8 drive until you do some serious engine work. I also have the professional series ratchet its nice but not necessary. A metric wrench set(most come 4mm to 18mm). Maybe a good cresent wrench for the axles unless you want to shell out the money for one big wrench.
  8. tubthumper85

    crf 450r question

    Congrats on moving up to the 4 stroke. Make sure to check the valves right away so you have a base line to go off of if they ever start moving. Change oil every 5 hours or so. Air filter every other ride unless its really dusty. And yes it will use alot less gas than a 2 smoker. Other than that just like any other bike. Enjoy
  9. Ya I checked 3 parts stores and they didnt no what I was talking about. I tried a machine shop and they didnt know what a series 100 shim was, but they had some random shims. I just took one that look like the right size and it worked. they said that they hardly ever use valve shims anymore. You might be better off buying the fastway one and save yourself the time and gas trying to find a series 100 shim.
  10. tubthumper85

    CR250 Shroud Graphics on 2002 CRF450R

    I bought a 450r with 250r graphics and the holes didnt line up and I bought new graphics because it bothered me. I guess it depends how picky you are.
  11. tubthumper85

    Ice Racing???

    Are your friends On Thumper Talk? Maybe they know where I could get a used TTR.
  12. tubthumper85

    Ice Racing???

    Just South East of Moorhead near a small town called Rollag(pop. about 30). Thanks for all of the info, I was kinda thinking it would be to big to keep up with the TTR. Maybe I will look for a cheap used one during the summer.
  13. tubthumper85

    Ice Racing???

    Anyone ever rode there 450 on the ice with studded tires???? My neighbor has a track and they race TTR125's. He wants me to buy one but I was wondering how well the 450 would work, its a pretty tight track. Will there be too much power making it hard to keep the front wheel on the ice?
  14. tubthumper85


    Built my own stand out of 1"x2" tubing and I run a DID x ring chain
  15. tubthumper85

    New 07' in garage!

    i think you made the right choice to RIDE RED