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  1. crfwoody11

    CR125 Start-Up Confusion

    I just bought my brother a 2004 CR125. It was only owned by someone for like a month. My problem is that every time he starts it, it revs really high. I adjust it, but then it goes right back. I keep up on its maintenance better than imaginable. Anybody have any suggestions or has this happened to you?
  2. crfwoody11

    What to clean engine with???

    I just tried out some of Liquid Performance's Cycle Wash, and it will put the simple green to shame. I have been using s.g. for years, and the cycle wash changed my mind. Try it out!
  3. crfwoody11


    I have a 2003 CRF450, and I am experiencing the sme problem. I just replaced my old valves and springs with the Kibblewhite SS kit, and thats when the problem started. I have no idea if it has something to do with the new valves or not. The bike would bog on rough sections, seat bounces, and especially in the WHOOPS. Hopefully someone can figure this one out. Good luck.
  4. I drive a 2004 Ford F-150 SUpercrew with the 5.4L. Custom true dual exhaust, K&N 77 series cold air intake, billet grill (upper and lower), line of fire light bar, FX4 wheels, and a thumpin sound system. My CRF450 and CRF70 look bad ass in the back too.
  5. crfwoody11

    03 wr 450 died ... need help!

    Get a CRF450X!!
  6. crfwoody11

    Boots You wear ( Improved)

    I wear A-Stars Tech 6's. I think they are a great boot for their cost. They are light and comfortable also.
  7. crfwoody11

    Stainless Steel Valve Vs Titainium

    What brand SS valves are you using? Did you replace both intake and exhaust valves? Just curious because I just purchased the Kibblewhite (i think thats the name) SS valve and spring kit, and wondering is it all that it is cracked up to be.