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  1. mitocross

    Big Bore for 2010 RMZ250

    FrenRob: You have the 2010 or 2011 we are talking about?
  2. mitocross

    Big Bore for 2010 RMZ250

    Anybody knows the current website or e-mail contact to Athena? Interested in 2011 big bore kit. Is there another manufactures who offers one too? Thanks
  3. mitocross

    GYTR Graphics by One Industries

    bump Is this a mystery, wrote to Yamaha and also to One Industries and guess what? Got no answer back
  4. mitocross

    GYTR Graphics by One Industries

    Actually these should be distributed by Yamaha Accesories catalog. The same graphics are there for the 4strokes but they are not listing the 125/250 version at all.
  5. Anybody seen these latest GYTR graphics for sale yet? The 4stroke graphics are on Yamaha accesories page with catalog numbers, but not the 2stroke. There have been a couple of adverts in magazines over the past months shoving both applications. The GYTR kitted YZ144 had them on as well in the test videos. Sorry for bad scan. http://img201.imageshack.us/i/scan0001nl.jpg/ Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  6. Went to 450F in 2006 and the main reasons for me to go back two years later were - the terrible cornering/setting into turns/weight distribution - tried to correct it via the cheap mods to no avail, but did not want to invest in expensive mods considering the questionable results and the already steep price the bike cost me. Other than that, all the things that were written in MXA magazine apply in full as well. On the other side the engine was great on the 4T. But e.g. other silencer meant $550, now on my 250 smoker it is $110.
  7. mitocross

    how much better are the sss forks

    I see your logic, but the mod was made after qute a bit of conversation. And there is history between myself and the tuner. Actually those parts were FREE for me anyway (well so much for your :D ) The important thing is that the forks work much better and right for myself. Not bashing sss system. It is probably the best system on STOCK bikes for the AVERAGE rider, but there is no comparison with having the proper setup for YOU.
  8. mitocross

    how much better are the sss forks

    The best you can do is to have your current forks rebuilt for your weight and ability. It is not sss what makes the forks good for YOU, it is the setup. I for example have 2008 SSS forks and my tuner suggested to install a complety different damping system of his own (don't ask what, from what I saw half of the forks internals are different). Now I feel the suspension is just right for me.
  9. mitocross

    Yamaha Blue Flow graphics on 2T?

    Excellent! Thank you very much!
  10. Is there anybody who has these graphics on a 2stroke who can post a picture of them? All the websites show them on 4strokes only. I would also appreciate a picture of the shroud graphics only before application. Thank you.
  11. mitocross

    slow motion video Reed,Stewart crash

    I would really like to see it from the opposite side. None of the footage shows, how Reed's hand got pulled back from the handlebars.
  12. I have ordered a set. You just name the logos. If there are different logos for a company, be as much specific as possible, e.g. FMF yellow oval logo (there is a brown oval logo and multiple coor FMF plain letters logos as well), or RacerX shield, etc. Graphics came exacly how I wanted them, but the exhaust side number plate sticker was smaller in the lower section of the plate and did not cover it whole. Probably a difference in side number plates as I have an EU model and the plastic part is bigger since 2008. Let us know if your does fit.
  13. mitocross

    Rumor Dungey sportin Nike MX boots!

    Didn't Nike not so long ago tried to make a BMX line (I saw a WCup bmx rider wearing a nice looking pair of Nike gloves two or three years ago) and then suddenly pulling all the bicycle line instead? Why would they risk again? Regarding Tech8/SG12. I would like to wear the SG12, but the last time I used boots with plastic insides, they destroyed the plastics ang graphics on my bike. Tech8s with leather insides are the Rolls Royce of MX boots.
  14. mitocross

    2010 Supercross TV Schedule

    CeeTee: look here http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=857352
  15. mitocross

    5 Live Supercross Races on Speed in 2010

    thank you very much again