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  1. groundfighter

    Wat Is a Good 125?

    Dude get the SSR-C4 it smokes all other for the price it has a zongshen motor and the wicked front forks check it out!!!
  2. groundfighter

    im noob, but is this good?

    The bike is the best you can buy for the money check out all the reviews it has on planetminis.com it is a sweet bike well worth it dont bother getting anything else!!
  3. groundfighter

    Is it really worth it?

    Dont do it that thing looks like a piece go to outlawminis.com or mxmotorsports.us they have nice cheap bikes get a ssr they are the best cheap bike out there nothing else is worth it trust me if you goto planet minis .com and do a search for ssr you will see how nice they are good luck!
  4. groundfighter


    I would get the RCM125SX it is the best for the $ you cant beat it just check them out.RCM125SX,RCM125SX
  5. groundfighter

    If you had 2k to spend.....

    You Should buy a roller from RCM and put your honda motor in it rework the motor but you would have the baddest bike around check out the RCM 125SX you can buy just the roller that is frame,forks wheels,tires,disc brakes, they have 11" of travel in the back and fully inverted forks in front with like 6.5" of travel dud serious check them out you wont be sorry just put your motor in it here are some pics,RCM"RC125SX",Also read this thread about them.PlanetMinis
  6. groundfighter

    The Best

    I suggest RCM "RC125SX" it is the best for the price and check out this site he has the best prices on all bikes tell him I sent you.Mxmotorsports .And This is my Bike it is a "06"RC125SX Check it out they rule.
  7. groundfighter

    What defines a knockoff?

    No That is the biggest POS I have ever seen check out the RCM RC125SX it is the best socalled knocoff out their for less than 2k you get the = of about 4k off stuff you would have too put on a honda to make it look and handle the same.
  8. groundfighter

    The Best

    I say the RCM I have one and it is top of the line Vince did a great job on this bikeit is soaring its way to the top of all Knockoffs you have to check them out.
  9. groundfighter

    Lets see those pit bikes!!

    This is my "06" RCM125SX what do you think?
  10. groundfighter

    Pitster Vs Icon Vs Ssr Vs Rc125

    Yes it matches fine.
  11. groundfighter

    Pitster Vs Icon Vs Ssr Vs Rc125

    I just got my RC125SX havent taken it in the dirt yet but bike feels solid and all the people i have talked to sat its the bike to have so thats my pick.
  12. groundfighter

    Suggestions on which to buy for a guy my size!?

    Check out these bikes!http://www.mxmotorsports.us/ProductDetail.asp?ProductNO=40&cat=106&catid=112&subid= http://www.mxmotorsports.us/ProductDetail.asp?ProductNO=39&cat=106&catid=112&subid=http://www.mxmotorsports.us/ProductDetail.asp?ProductNO=50&cat=106&catid=135&subid=
  13. groundfighter

    Lets see the pitbikes!!

    This is mine tell me what you think.
  14. groundfighter

    pit bike comparison ?

    I got th "06" RCM, RC125SX it is awesome for under 2k you cant beat it check them out.
  15. groundfighter

    MERRY CHRISTMAS! any christmas bikes? part?

    ,Rode it for the first time today.The thing is great ! I need to burn up the tires and get some new ones then look out.