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  1. Man that track is awesome! I want it in my yard
  2. forget the wr. if she wants to go fast get the 06 yz450f. If she doesn't like it you get a new bike
  3. Rise Against, TBS, Jimmy Eat World, Black Sab., Something loud and fast
  4. Mine is my b-day Aug 19th 819.
  5. made my day
  6. Cory Brantely, use to be Cory Young, is #215 goes to the same College as me. So I try to ride with him when I can, and I sure can't keep up, not at all.
  7. and it's a yamaha, so their really isn't an other choice. Keep the yamaha.
  8. Where they racing for slips?
  9. Yep!! I'm with you on that
  10. ...but might I suggest a little dirt in the tires?
  11. My bike does the same thing, but I haven't had a problem with it yet so i hope it is normal
  12. Hey I saw her race at Ascot about a week ago at the Arkansas State race, and she is very fast!!!! I was so much fun watching the boys behind her trying sooo hard to keep up! I hope to see her race again sometime, maybe I could pick up a few techniques for cornering