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  1. g-unit15

    SORCS round 3 5/21!!!!!

    ill be there. thats the weekend i graduate yeah c'mon
  2. g-unit15

    SORCS Round 2 !!!!!

    ran 2nd all day. but derailed the chain on the last lap. it was a good mud . YeeeHaw
  3. g-unit15

    SORCS Round 2 !!!!!

    im there. cant wait
  4. g-unit15

    New Justin Williamson Video

    i used to race with him in the 4 stroke class at GNCCs. he blew my doors then and he definetly would now. hes an awesome rider. hes goin places.
  5. g-unit15

    best technical trails in georgia?

    dude when you get out here you have to get to some of the SETRA races they do a pretty good job with em. the enduros are always pretty tight and the haresrambles are awesome . there are a ton of fast guys. i think the series starts up early september. sorcs just started, but they seemed to do a pretty good job for their first race. roost on brother
  6. g-unit15

    SORCS Round 1 at Aonia Pass (GA)4.2.06

    ill be there. AA or 250A. i havnt made my mind up yet.
  7. g-unit15

    Steele Creek Morganton GNCC

    this race is awesome i raced it the last 4 years. the downhills get gnarly in the 2nd race, but they are still fun. its a great place to race. be careful on the concrete bridges barry hawk lost his bike off of one 2 years ago.
  8. g-unit15

    Orange Crush GNCC ??

    the alligator enduro is usually a good ride too. i think its on thursday
  9. g-unit15

    Orange Crush GNCC ??

    this place was hard core last year. alot of whoops in the second race. i was wore slap out after this one but i still had alot of fun. very fast gncc
  10. g-unit15

    RC responds: An open letter

    bc bubba is there new pet
  11. g-unit15

    Drinking & Riding....

    if your gonna be stupid, then you better be tough
  12. g-unit15

    Abbeville, SC (Long Cane)Hare Scramble 12 Feb

    haha yeah it could be some old harescramblers. i was afraid it would be pretty slick up there. when that place is dry it is awesome. i love to tear through those pine rows.i hate that i had to miss it. later bro
  13. g-unit15

    Abbeville, SC (Long Cane)Hare Scramble 12 Feb

    yeah mostly dirt. alot of pine thickets.this is a jam up harescramble.
  14. g-unit15

    Abbeville, SC (Long Cane)Hare Scramble 12 Feb

    DUDE this place rocks. it is problably my favorite race. it is usually pretty tight,w/ just a little bit of fast stuff . but mostly tighter woods. the dirt has been perfect every year for the past 5 except one.if it rains it can be very slick, but still fun. but if not you will have the time of your life. this was my very first race ever in 2001. im afraid i will miss it this year bc im going to MMI in orlando. i wish i could be there. TEAR IT UP SON!!! good luck
  15. g-unit15


    first check for any exhaust leaks not only at the header but all the way back after that checks out pull your plug white is laen black is rich tan is just right. i no leak i bet it is lean.