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  1. Yeah gotta agree swahili74 , had a "82" model and the thing had more punch than Mike Tyson me and my mates went mad on the 500 2strokes in the mid to late 80s , riding big open firetrails in the bush , had more injuries in that time than in the past 20 years , like you said in another post not to many could ride them to there potential , i tried but failed on most occasions
  2. Toughen up a bit lad , there only opinions and.........."opinions are like ********."..........."everybody has one" ...................excuse me i've had some really strong tea:goofy:
  3. HEWEY

    Supercross Reed's X-factor

    Just thought I'd let you all know that the World Champion , Chad Reed is spending $5m of his own cash to promote a revamp of Supercross racing in Australia , something he's long dreamt of giving back to the sport he has loved , through a ten year deal with Motorcycling Australia , a seven round series increasing to ten will kick off in Perth on October 4th and Mark Barnett has been hired to design and construct the tracks and there has also been a lot of interest in the guys from the US about coming here to race , cant wait to see the best
  4. a lot of people say we're about 10 yr's behind you , and as for the BS...theres plenty of that here
  5. come on over mate , there's plenty of room
  6. We dont have to worry about that , too far for em to swim
  7. 2nd best place , rtcmick
  8. deeman , we're Aussies mate.............not English , don't mistake us with StoneSpray , we drink beer and eat pies , they sip tea and eat scones ..........no offence taken mate , we're a bit more thick skinned.
  9. HEWEY

    Uh oh! Time to learn

    Draybob , how did you go with the XR mate ?
  10. HEWEY

    Uh oh! Time to learn

    Draybob , Before you pull it apart try to push it or tow start it , it could be just a stuck valve caused by small dirt or grit.A mate had a similar problem with his XR after changing a spark plug it lost compression and would'nt start , eventually got it going by push start only,it ran like crap for a few minute's then came good,spoke to a few people and they said dirt etc possibly fell into the engine when removing the plug and may have got caught in a valve causing it to stick . .
  11. HEWEY

    Clicking noise at rear when jumping?????

    Problem will be the bearings in the swingarm pivot bolt,they rust and seize onto the bolt and can be a real pain to get out.
  12. HEWEY

    The 1985 XR350R

    AntAcid , they were great bikes in there day , i owned a 86 model back in about 1988 .
  13. HEWEY

    The 1985 XR350R

    1986 XR 350 RG was the last year , had gold rims , digital speedo and 350R printed on the seat cover , don't know if you got these in the USA ?
  14. HEWEY

    Oil viscosity and performance

    In Australia we have some of the smallest dust particles in the world so air filter maintenance is pretty important. I run a uni filter and clean it in kerosene, let it dry, soak it in belray foam filter oil and squeeze as much oil out of it as possible, put it back in and can ride straight away with no problems. been using this same method for years, as do alot of mates. I would avoid using spray on oils. hope this can be useful to you. Good luck!
  15. HEWEY

    Hard Clutch pull

    mate,i know exactly what u mean,i own a 2000 mod , put new cable on and had springs checked but still shithouse! there is a hydraulic clutch kit also pivot assist levers and teflon lined cables available on the market but i guess it comes down to dollars at the end of the day,or a new bike already with a hydraulic clutch.will keep posted for any other ideas.