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  1. pacocamino

    New Bike Break In

    I got a 07 now, I aint even started it up yet
  2. pacocamino

    New Bike Break In

    Last year I broke mine in like the manual said, I did notice that when I use to start it That it would smoke quite a bit (for about 5 min). I changed the oil every 3-4 races. But sometimes had to top it up between oil changes. Is this normal ? To Break In. So should I Ride it like I stole it. Or like the manual says.
  3. pacocamino

    Free Mods For CRF250 Owners

    Mods can be good , but the more you tweak the engine the more chance you got of causing damage. The more HP you try to get, the more maintenance you may need to do, I just like the mods that solve problems , or make it easy to ride. The bike has got plenty of power for me. I won my first championship this year on a standard bike.(Not in Pro) The only problem I had was The Hard landing Bog that I could not get rid of ( really pis*ed me off ). The funny thing is I am 38 , I had a 17 year break,(kids n stuff).
  4. Yes but at quite a price. We should not have to do that so we are happy with the bike. A bite of bog you can usually tune out but the hard landing bog is dangerous. I went to a track with 2 sets of triples with a small gap between them, when I tried to jump the both set the bike bogged and I came up way short on the second set, came off but luckily did not hurt myself. I know Im going on about it but I do think it is dangerous ,and if its the same this year (not started mine yet) then Honda need a serious look into the way they test their bikes.
  5. Why is it there. And If I take it out will I lose any power. Does it realy get rid of the hard landing Bog. Does anybody know? Cheers.
  6. I cant believe that Honda have not sorted the landing off jumps bog out for the 07 after all the problems last year. I got my 07 in the garage and after reading this it makes me want to take it back. last year I spent most of my time trying to get the bike (06) running properly. I wasted hours on this problem, trying all sorts of configs , spending money on jd kit, Ap etc. I had given up and sold it by time I found out about the Baffle thing, thinking buying a new 07 it would have been sorted.
  7. pacocamino

    Tyres on anodized rims

    Thanks for the advice.
  8. Any body know of the best way to put tyre s on with as little amount of scratches as posible Cheers.
  9. pacocamino

    The Bog Monster

    This maybe the best fix for you, I tried tuning that bog out all year. http://wholesalemx.com/product.asp?numRecordPosition=3&P_ID=1623&strPageHistory=cat&strKeywords=&SearchFor=&PT_ID=519
  10. pacocamino

    Sold my 06 , Should I buy a 07 CRF250

    Yes ,you must have the valves checked by your dealer, or a dealer ( they need to stamp the service manual ), mine said he will check um for free cause Ive been dealing with him for a while. so its worth it I suppose. If you rag the crap out of your bike its worth getting it checked. Only costs around £40 in the uk , about $80
  11. pacocamino

    Sold my 06 , Should I buy a 07 CRF250

    I picked it up today, wont be able to go on it for a week but I will let you guys know what its like sometime next week, Also there is now a 6 month warranty on the motor as long as you have the valves checked twice in the six months with your dealer. ( 2 services )
  12. pacocamino

    Sold my 06 , Should I buy a 07 CRF250

    Thank you . Cheers.
  13. pacocamino

    Sold my 06 , Should I buy a 07 CRF250

    Chill out , as you can see from my stat's that you have so carefully analyzed I do not go on TT a great deal, but when I have , usually people are quite helpful. But not anymore I see , Hope you are not anything to do with TT as it would be a shame to know that the money I have spent through them would go through hands such as yours . Happy Christmas. p.s. Whats a troll ( is it from lord of the rings or something )
  14. pacocamino

    Sold my 06 , Should I buy a 07 CRF250

    I Sold my 06 , longbowdrvr :Why are you posting this in a Jetting forum? I had nothing but bad bog problems all year, the most annoying was landing off jumps. crf-f crf-r trx cbr :and............................................... ............... Can any body tell me if this problem has been resolved. I like the honda s , but I dont realy want the hastle again Cheers. It was a simple question to somebody that has had an 06 and now has a 07crf250 , Which was down to the carb Cheers.
  15. pacocamino

    Sold my 06 , Should I buy a 07 CRF250

    MMM , I dont know , may be beause its a carb problem , and carbs have jets.