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  1. Cole712

    Pitster pro x4

    Hey Does anyone know where i can buy a 2007 x4.
  2. Cole712

    2008 pitster pros early release?

    Outlaw on your website for the pitsters, you say you will match or beat anyone's price. Will you match the prices on the link above.
  3. Cole712

    Best seat

    What is the best tall seat to buy for a crf 50 knockoff.
  4. Cole712

    pit bike cant idle need help

    My pit bike did the same exact thig. try to clean the carberator it will help. Also if its cold it will do this.
  5. Cole712

    Got bored, so sorry

    looks awesome:applause:
  6. Cole712

    lifan big valve head

    Will the sgr fit on the lifan 125?
  7. Cole712

    lifan big valve head

    how much of a difference deos outlaws big valve head do to a lifan. Is the performance worth the $$. What big bore kits work well with it?
  8. Cole712

    pit bikes

    Ya, i got it in december. It runs good and is pretty fast.
  9. Cole712

    pit bikes

    yes i did.
  10. Cole712

    pit bikes

    this is mine. http://i27.photobucket.com/albums/c173/katiecyr/My%20Bikes/Picture116.jpg
  11. Cole712


    I was thinking about buying a set of fastace forks and maybe a shock. I heard good things about their suspension and its cheap compared to the other big name companies.
  12. Cole712

    Got A Set Of Fast Ace Forks~!!!

    those are the ones I was looking at but your look different. How much did you pay.
  13. Cole712

    How is this

    This is a lifan big valve head. Is this any good heard it makes 15hp. Anyone have? https://s.p6.hostingprod.com/@www.staggsminis.com/ssl/store/product_info.php?cPath=39_38_30&products_id=176&osCsid=f965790224a2a3b65
  14. Cole712

    Got A Set Of Fast Ace Forks~!!!

    Did you have to fabricate a steering stem or did they just bolt right on. How long are the forks? what did the look like on ebay. What model are those, there is a set on ebay but i dont know if they are the same. Bike looks sikk!!!
  15. Cole712

    Got A Set Of Fast Ace Forks~!!!

    How much were the forks and how much was your rear shock. Thinking about getting the full setup front and back. I have an import though and I dont know if they will fit.