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  1. MX813

    baja pictures

    Whereabouts was the bottom pic taken?
  2. MX813

    Tires for Baja-KTM 500

    You'll notice a "dead" kinda of feeling in response and handling (at least I do) when you first get on a set of them. But like anything, after a bit of saddle time with them, it isn't an issue as you adapt to them. I would equate tire pressure to around 14-15 lbs so fast 2 track with sand on it can get squirrelly.
  3. MX813

    Tires for Baja-KTM 500

    Last year ran Kenda Parker DT for a 1000 miles of mixed baja terrain. They held up extremely well and will be mounted as a spare wheel set for my next trip in a few weeks. This video was us last Saturday...12 mousse and tires installed...
  4. MX813

    Stuck CS sprocket - nut

    Interesting. I did not know that. Been using reco'd settings per manual with an extremely light coating of anti-seize and never had a problem. Yet. knocking on wood as I am preparing my bike for Baja.
  5. MX813

    Stuck CS sprocket - nut

    I did...and explained that even though he is a fair weather rider the importance of being able to work on your own bike, even if it hasn't been ridden for awhile. He hasn't changed the bearings on anything so looks like a complete bearing overhaul from top to bottom is due soon.
  6. MX813

    Stuck CS sprocket - nut

    Got it off...lots of heat and 5' breaker bar and rear sprocket chained to swing arm. What a MF'er...ridiculous. I explained to him the wonders of anti-seize and a torque wrench.
  7. MX813

    Gate between Mud Mounds and Catavina

    Thanks fro the gps coordinate. Our route goes N by NE of that area about 5 miles so no issues there. We will be in Baja 13FEB-22FEB
  8. As the title states, I've been trying to help a friend remove the nut to replace his CS sprocket. The bike is an 06 KLX 250. To date: Heat PB Blaster overnight 3' extension Rear wheel locked out w/chain through rear sprocket and swing arm Tapping nut Impact gun Nothing is working...holy cow. It has been removed once before according to my buddy but when...I have no idea. I am short of ideas here. Mike
  9. MX813

    Gate between Mud Mounds and Catavina

    Thanks...Found San Carlos so assuming that main N/S road is the mesa road you are referring to. Here is where I think the gate is: N29° 46.690' W115° 24.672' - copy and paste into Google Maps. Last year, we had to come back to here for a work around as two ranchers on that road would not let us through. N29° 52.596' W115° 20.058' So we worked from that point N by NW into the next arroyo and then towards El Rosario. This year, we are reversing the route but
  10. In the process of firming up my routes and I see this post on advrider: https://advrider.com/f/threads/baja-thanksgiving-ride-by-my-self.1351298/page-3#post-36492287 Been trying to find out the location of this to see if this will impact our routes after we leave El Rosario. I think its NW of Bill Nichols trail where there appears to be a ranch...deserted boat and a few water tanks on a 2 Track road. So if anyone knows the GPS coordinates of this fence and would like to share...I'd appreciate it. Not looking for tracks or files, just a specific location so I can overlay it and compare to my planned route. Mike
  11. MX813

    Campershell trail

    When I rode this trail last year, it was an absolute blast going N by NW from Catavina. Didn't see any flaggings anywhere.
  12. MX813

    December Baja trip

    Where from WA do you hail from? Auburn myself. Heading down Feb. for 7 days of riding with 7 buddies...counting the days.
  13. MX813

    Campershell trail

    I thought it was fun...didn't see any flagging at intersections. Did see a weird billboard proclaiming "Meth Labs...5KM"
  14. MX813

    Campershell trail

    Not sure of the trail name but a sweet route between El Rosario to Catavina via 2T and then ST. Took it S to N last year. Had to do a re-route when we were trying to head to the ocean and 2 caballeros said no trespasar. I have the file at home with the re-route...we never did get to the ocean, instead popped out on 1 just east of El Rosario
  15. MX813

    December Baja trip