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  1. Check out wildcatcreekmx.com it is a great track and they have open pract. Wed. and every nonrace weekend.
  2. Torco Racing Fuel has a great product and outstanding prices. They have several fuels in there Mach series to the stealth series. #1 fuel
  3. Torco Oils make a outstanding 4 stroke oil. We use it with great results. Our mech. says he is very impressed with the way our bikes look each time he tears them down. Its TORCO OIL for us.
  4. check the acel pump, we had same thing happen to us at the mini o's this year. What fuel are you using? Check and decrease you squirt. The factory ktm rig had our bike in at the mini o's and when they would run the fuel screw all the way in it would not even lower the idle let alone kill the bike. It was drawing fuel from somewhere other than the idle circuit. It was the pump diaphram. It was not sealed and had a few small particles leting fuel by. When we would give it some throttle from idle it would bog and sometimes die. But all is good now. Hope this might help.
  5. Dubach Racing has about the best pipe out unless you think you need to have the newest Ti pipe. You will not be unhappy with the DrD pipe. It makes great power from top to bottom. Doug has alot of seat time on the 4 strokes and knows what each of them need. DrD pipe is your best buy!
  6. We have a 2006 sxf and do not like the tank and cap. Does the 450 have the same size and shape tank just with the old style cap. I may want to trade you tanks let me know.
  7. Torco Oils make a outstanding oil for the 4 strokes and offer many more top notch products. Check them out before you buy your next oil.
  8. Vortex sprokets also make great bars. They have 7/8 bars and they will have the all new 1 1/8 bars the end of Feb. Check into vortex bars before you buy your next set.
  9. The bridgestone 402/401 is the best all around mx tire. We like the 402/401A combo the best! Great wear and traction on a wide type of dirt and good price.
  10. Doug Dubach has put in alot of time on 4 strokes and has the best product available. Team Raisor Powersports will be using Dubach Racing products for 2006 because they demand the best available products for there riders. Look for them at a track near you.
  11. The pipe from Dubach is the way to go. Makes the bike unreal. Very responsive from bottom to top and pulls farther than you really need to rev this bike. Very good product.
  12. We run a full system from Dubach and use Torco stealth fuel. The pipe is the best pipe for your money by far and the torco stealth fuel is better than the U4. The performance is about the same but the fuel is not quite as harsh on things. We have tried both fuels and have more consistant jetting with the Torco stealth fuel. The dubach pipe adds some bottom and pulls harder and farther through the mid and top. This setup is very responsive. I also like the splitstream products, they are just like a powernow but better product. Hope this helps.
  13. Troy at Dammerdesign.com will make you some really cool custom graphics and they hold up very well. give him a call
  14. The full system from Dubach Racing is a great product with some impressive results. It will give you the performance you are looking for at a great price. Do not spend this kind off money with out looking into this pipe.
  15. We use RENEGADE SUSPENSION of INDIANA. They have a very good flow control valving for the ktms. You can reach them at 1-260-609-7360 and speak with Jason. He will help get the most out of your suspension.