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  1. scotty810

    metal shavings in the coolant?

    For the cost of a right crankcase cover gasket you can get in there to inspect it. I'd definitely go inside to check the pump, shaft, bearing, etc.
  2. scotty810

    2012 Won't Idle + Backfires

    Well I tried this and thought I had it fixed. There was an 1/8" long metal bearing shaving on one of the sensors. Removed it, put it back together and started it thinking I've got it made. BUT, I've still got the exact same problem. Any thoughts on what to try next?
  3. scotty810

    2012 Won't Idle + Backfires

    Checked the ground last night. Did a continuity check between the ground wire and the frame and it came back positive. No issue there. I believe I can do some electrical probing on the crank position sensor connectors to see if I have some metal in there messing things up. Should be able to do that tonight.
  4. scotty810

    2012 Won't Idle + Backfires

    Good point. It was due to a lower rod bearing failure. I did clean all around the stator during the rebuild, but I guess it's still possible that some debris made is in there. Are the pickups the part of the stator closest to the rotor (flywheel)?
  5. scotty810

    2012 Won't Idle + Backfires

    99.999% sure that didn't happen. TPS connector is blue and up against the frame on the left side correct? Also, if one of the FI sensors is fried, I should see a flashing code at the kill switch right? No codes are appearing. What is the best way to determine if the filter is dirty? I'll double check the ground. I did remove that during this dissassembly process.
  6. scotty810

    2012 Won't Idle + Backfires

    Just finished replacing the crank on my seized 2012. I am having a hard time getting this thing to idle properly. Also, when I try to start it, every few kicks result in a backfire. When it's running at a higher RPM and I blip the throttle, it backfires and pops before returning to idle and then shutting off. It seems to run perfect with the fast idle on.... A little history: When the TB was off, I hit the passages with carb cleaner and compressed air without removing the MAP sensor/vacuum tube, fast idle knob, and fuel injector. I reassembled and it really ran like crap. So I figured I had packed some dirt in a dead end within the TB somewhere. I pulled it again, REMOVED the MAP sensor, vacuum tube, and fast idle knob before hitting it with carb cleaner and air again. It ran A LOT better, but still has the symptoms first described above. I'm pretty convinced I have this narrowed down to dirt still in the TB somewhere. Thoughts?
  7. scotty810

    2012 Connecting Rod Seized

    Thanks guys. As far as riding type, I ride mostly mx with some dessert tossed in. Im slow Joe and dont run it hard. The last few rides, however, were in supermoto trim on a big road course. Im sure this didnt help things any. I probably had 3 hours of supermoto before it seized. Any reason to think supermoto hours are going to be harder on the engine? Im a little gun shy to take this new one back to a road course if that's harder than mx.
  8. scotty810

    2012 Connecting Rod Seized

    My 2012 engine seized with 68 hours on it. After digging into it, I found that the connecting rod is seized within the crank. The crank spins freely, but the connecting rod is griding away as you try and rotate it within the crank. Are the OEM cranks really only good for 68 hours? This seems like low time to me. I always run OEM parts, but this has me reconsidering. Any thoughts on throwing in another OEM crank or go with Hot Rods?
  9. scotty810

    Throttle Cable Routing

    Yeah I know. I push until it hits the end of the bar, then back it off .25 in or so.
  10. scotty810

    Throttle Cable Routing

    So that white triangular looking piece? Try replacing that?
  11. scotty810

    Throttle Cable Routing

    The cable is new. I just got it and am putting it on. Still can't get it for some reason.....
  12. scotty810

    Throttle Cable Routing

    I am replacing my throttle cable this winter and I wanted to see how it should be routed. When I hold the cables straight out from the carb, it returns fine, but when I place the tube on the bar, it binds and won't return after being opened. Any ideas? Thanks.
  13. scotty810

    Pressure in the frame (2004 YZ250F)

    Ok guys thanks for the posts. We will check that. Thanks!
  14. I am posting for my brother.... He has an 04 YZ250F and the other day, after riding one lap, he stopped to check the oil. When he pulled the dipstick out, there was a "pressure release sound". Oil then leaked out. What could be the cause of this?
  15. scotty810

    How long should fork seals last?

    I believe he said the seals, not the oil.