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  2. I wrapped the pipe with header wrap & made an aluminum heat shield. There are heat shields available. Check FlatLand Racing. TBR
  3. Exactly! (the balls part) I have been a part of battles over tracks and noise. Contact the AMA. Contact some good legal counsel. Fight for your right to ride like your fighting for your kids. Get every ATV owner in the area involved. Put the heat on the local govt. I promise I will hug the tree, right before I cut it down! TBR
  4. This engine is timed by setting the relationship if the piston at TDC to flats machined onto the cams. It is the easiest motor to time ever. It does not have anything to do with marks on/or position of the chain gears. It can be done with out the KTM timing tool. If you do not understand the cam/head assembly, take it to your KTM tech. If you do not have the timing tool, set the motor to TDC and use the screw to lock it. You will need a thin perfect straight edge such as a machinist scale. Place the straight edge across the cam flats and assemble the timing chain and gears. The KTM tool holds the head in time with the block. The flats must stay perfect under the straight edge. If you did not remove the cam gears, the gears will align on the chain exactly as it was before you disassembled the motor. You should inspect your valves and make sure you did not bend anything on your previous assembly. If this does not make sense, Take it to a KTM tech. ! TBR
  5. I just came across this thread. Tom B. Rocks! He is a great guy, and freekin fast on that old junk that him and his brother put together. My boys and I have been checking out old pics and video of Tom for a couple hrs. Check this out. TBR
  6. Exactly! I have just put 2 pair of fox boots on the rack. I'm done with the Fox boots. I put on the SG12's and I had to get them. I orderd new pegs as well. I think the SG12's and the pegs might give me a better feel on:ride: the bike. TBR
  7. Exacty!
  8. I rode six races in Vet-C. I'll bet they kick me out! It wasn't a goal this year. It was the first year I raced D23. I would like to cut 30#'s this winter. TBR
  9. Box looks like an easier track then last spring. If your thinking riding this weekend, send me a message. It's just to cold out now. The boys and I are thinking about some Sand Box. TBR
  10. Ville, I still want to see new pics of your bike. (with new graphics) HRC Rides Red Tricycle! Not Red Bull KTM!. I saw him on it the last time I rode in Sweedia. Those white RB Graphics are awsome! TBR
  11. I hear good things about Munn Racing. If I stay on the "Pumkin", I'll need to improve my parts network. I wish KTM paid contingancy money. All the Japs do. Kawasaki paid $78,000 into my AMA Dist. I like the bike. KTM did step up big. I have mixed feelings. Not about the bike or KTM, but about racing the KTM. I think I may try another season. TBR
  12. There are up-dates on the web-site. 22mi from my house!
  13. Who Did the fall fling?? I rode yesterday. First ride at Millville for me. GREAT TRACK!! Lots of fun. Here is a pic...