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  1. DirtBikingBric

    Fork legs height on a KTM 200 xc-w ´09

    Im not sure if there is a suggested height but Ive ran mine flush with the top clamp for 4 years now with no issues.
  2. DirtBikingBric

    Spoke with the wife about my wallet

    She sounds like a keeper! I can't complain about mine either.
  3. DirtBikingBric

    200 EXC reeds, pipe

    I've got the Gnarly on my 200, works mint for singletrack riding. Nice smooth power down low and I find that I didn't loose much on top. Depends on how much time you spend jetting I guess as I suspect people who are losing alot up top might not have the jetting sorted out near perfect, just a thought.
  4. DirtBikingBric

    My new ride

  5. DirtBikingBric

    Dirt Bike Torubles

    I'd say piston return spring... when did you check it last?
  6. DirtBikingBric

    91 ktm 300 mx oil coming from exhaust

    Usually you can get them out of the clutch side after removing the gears from the crank. Seals wear out over time and get brittle. Bearing should be ok. To check if the seal is bad change your transmission oil and top up with 700 ml of oil. Go for a good ride and drain the oil. 700 ml should come out, any less and its likely being sucked into the engine by the crank seal as long as you have no external leaks.
  7. DirtBikingBric


    I'd say your muffler bearings are shot. Check that the oscillating somuflange is in good shape too while your in there.
  8. DirtBikingBric

    91 ktm 300 mx oil coming from exhaust

    Anyone who tells you that a bike shouldn't idle or was not meant to is full of $hit. My bike is jetted perfect though the range and will idle for days. All the bikes I've ever owned have idled just fine once jetted and adjusted.
  9. DirtBikingBric

    91 ktm 300 mx oil coming from exhaust

    Change your transmission oil and make sure you put in 700ml. When you change it out measure the old oil and see how much there is, should be 700ml. If its way down and there are no external leaks its likely your crank seal.
  10. DirtBikingBric

    What Have You Done To Your KTM Today?

    Tore apart the swingarm to clean and grease the swingarm bearings. Also need some wheel bearings and chain and sliders.
  11. DirtBikingBric

    head light

    I've got the stock KTM headlight assembly and while it looks good the light output is disappointing. Its enough to get you home if your caught out in the dark but not enough for serious night riding. http://www.pmxtec.com/ makes an upgrade kit that brightens it up nicely.
  12. DirtBikingBric

    91 ktm 300 mx oil coming from exhaust

    Check and see if your clutch side crank seal is leaking. When they leak the engine will suck in transmission oil and gum the engine up. Enough of it and the bike wont run right. Also check your jetting
  13. DirtBikingBric

    ironman front sprocket

    I run the Ironman sprockets front and rear, they will outlast many chains. Very good stuff, seems to be made of Kryptonite.
  14. DirtBikingBric

    preferred trials tire for woods

    I used an MT43 all this season on my KTM 200, worked great. Usually aired up to 8 psi. Still looks new after 700km. Traction with them is great, but with any trials tire leaning hard in corners and slash type riding sucks.
  15. DirtBikingBric

    My 200 build

    Nice work!