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  1. jtg

    tc 610 woodruff key size?

    The woodruff key times the flywheel magneto on the shaft. Its like a half moon shape. JTG
  2. Hi, i need a new woodruff key for my 610 and wandered if anyone had the stock size? The item number is :- 1513 71301 in the 610 year 2000 parts cat. Thanks JTG
  3. jtg

    2000 tc 610 rear disk?

    Thanks for the help, i will go for the washer behind the disk option, and bolt it down tight. I have to get new rubber for the bike anyway so i will fit them when the wheels are out. Thanks again Jonny.
  4. Hi, I am rebuilding a tc 610 for the road, I am fitting the rear disk now, and have a question. Is the rear disk meant to move in the direction of the axle and fixed in the direction of wheel rotation? The bolts have a plain portion. which is acting light a collar preventing the bolt from screwing in all the way.I have purchased new bolts from the main uk supplier, which are an exact match of the bolts removed. Thanks JTG
  5. Hi i have been told its a tc 610 the diagram i have is for that model. How many wires are there coming from the ignition. There are 6 from mine, 4 to spark plug and 2 yellow. on the diagram i have there are only 5 and the spark plug coil is different. JTG
  6. I have just found out that the bike is a te 610. (kickstart)
  7. Hi, I have bought a Year 2000 Husqvarna 610 ex race supermoto as a winter project. I am in the middle of doing the bike up for the road here in the uk, and require a wiring diagram for the kickstart model. I have downloaded a manual from the net but it seems to be for electric start bikes, and i would like it wired without the need for a battery. Please help Thanks Jonny. P.S Are there any good road legal light kits for here in the uk?