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  1. Seros

    New 06 Yz250f mod ideas needed!!

    Get the lowering kit from Applied Racing. I think it really helped my bike's cornering.
  2. Seros

    Slip on muffler for 06 YZ 250f

    Nick, In this the one? http://www.fmfracing.com/products/catalog.aspx?CategoryID=42
  3. Seros

    Slip on muffler for 06 YZ 250f

    Thanks for the info on the FMF power core. Pro Circuit T4 & White Prothers e2 were also mentioned to me. From every review i have read on my bike, they say it needs more bottom end...personally im after an all round bit of va va voom.
  4. Hey all, In the market for a slip on muffler for my new bike. Just curious to know if there have been any reviews or news on which suits my bike the best. White Bros, Pro Circuit, FMF? I'm not going to get the carbon or titanium models as they are out of my prince range. Any help would be great thanks.
  5. Seros

    06 Yzf Still Great!!

    What about the Michellin m12? any good?
  6. Seros

    06 Yzf Still Great!!

    Thanks, anything else i should do while i am at it?
  7. Seros

    06 Yzf Still Great!!

    Hey i am getting my 06 YZ250f tomorrow and am thinking of changing the front type because they are said to be crap. Which one should i go for? Or should i not bother.