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  1. Dr Mark, Thank you and i will.
  2. Dr Mark i had Bankart surgery on june 2. I broke the bottom of the shoulder socket by more than 40%. My doctor was Sumant Krishnan here in Dallas,Tx. My questions is do you think i'll be able to go back riding and be 100%. I,ve been doing PT since june 25th.
  3. I'm pretty sure it matters the sprocket should have a recess on one side to clear the cases.
  4. I bought a new 07 in November after 2 rides the counter shaft seals was leaking, you might look at that. It's in the same location.
  5. Go with the 110 it turns alot better.The 120 foot print is to big for most good ruts.
  6. febreze if it does not have removable liner.
  7. The side panels,front number plate,seat, front and rear fender are interchangable.the side panels look a little different because of the air holes. the radiator shrouds are different. also the sub frames are the same.
  8. I'm sorry for your loss, your family will be in our prayers god bless you all.
  9. call speed graffix or look them up online at they can hook you up and have good products.for the handle bars just check your local dealer that would probaly be the safe bet.
  10. I had mine done and it done the same thing took it back and they had the valves to tight wrong shims.