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  1. crashhard_17

    Moving to Oregon, Washington, CA--Help! : )

    I live in Thurston county and have considered moving only due to wanting more sun. That being said, every time I think of moving, I realize how many epic riding spots are within a 30 minute-2 hour drive of me. Get used to the rain and you can ride pretty much year round. My favorite riding is in the mountains which is July-early october depending on the year. I know several HVAC guys who own companies and ride too so good for that. As far as housing and property goes, it is insanely spendy here. We bought right before the prices increased and now complete POS houses that are gutted are listed for high 200's. I grew up here and have never used studded tires in the winter, sure they'd be helpful, but they aren't necessary. Tracks and trails are plentiful. A good offroad and moto racing scene here too, if that's your thing. Animals- Washington and Oregon is probably one of the most mild places for animals. people- avoid major cities if you don't like politics, avoid small cities if you don't like drug addicts. There's lots of mid-sized communities that are great though.
  2. crashhard_17

    Throttle Hand Going Numb

    I am an avid weight lifter and try to do cardio conditioning on a regular basis. I circuit train while lifting 3 days a week and have a cardio centric 2 days a week. I am 5 ft 11 and 250 lbs. I could stand to lose some weight but I carry it well. I can bench 315x6, curl 135x15, upright row 275x15... you get the point. I am in pretty good shape. However, I only manage to ride/race about 6 times a year for the last couple years. I am a fast B rider, the last few races I have done (May and August with no seat time between) my throttle hand has gone numb and I have to shake it out every few minutes to revive blood flow. I surprisingly don't suffer from arm pump. Could this going numb issue be due to my lifting or possibly something pinched in my back or just lack of seat time? It only recently started happening and I have lifted regularly for 5 years now. Does anyone else have this issue?
  3. crashhard_17

    Seeking Teanaway Expert Advice

    I appreciate everyone's feedback. Based on your GPS, Tiger, it appears my estimated mileage is fairly accurate. While it would be a blast to ride with y'all. My old man and I are planning a trip together as a belated birthday ride. Maybe we can plan another ride.
  4. crashhard_17

    Seeking Teanaway Expert Advice

    I have never ridden Teanaway before and am planning a ride for end of September/early October. Experienced riders, the gnarlier the better. The proposed ride is: Park at Boulder creek Hit boulder de roux to 1392.8 to Middle fork teanaway to Johnson Medra to Way Creek to Middle fork to Yellow hill to jolly creek to middle fork to Boulder de roux to trail head My approximations makes it about a 50-60 mile ride. I grew up riding Naches and Gifford and can do long days on grueling trails. My questions since I have never been there: 1) Is this a reasonable day ride (dawn to dusk) 2) Are these trails passable at that time 3) Which way should I go if I want to climb up the gnarliest sections rather than ride down 4) Are my mileage approximations accurate
  5. My dad (on the gas tank) with my Great uncle and great aunt in 1971.
  6. I joined the mini van club earlier this year. The kids (3) kept fighting in the truck so the wife said that’s enough time for a 3rd row vehicle. Tried really hard to find an suv but to no avail. Then the local lot has this van for a good price. It took a while to get used to but I like having the extra space to put the gear inside the van.
  7. crashhard_17

    Craigslist Ad of the day!

    I thought it was only KTM guys who overvalued their bikes. I guess I was wrong. https://portland.craigslist.org/grg/mcy/d/kawasaki-2004-kx-250-m2/6657914448.html
  8. crashhard_17

    I actually look like a 'real' racer!

    Some of me racing throughout the years. 2018 2017 2016 2009 2008 2007 2005
  9. crashhard_17

    My $200 ‘01 Honda CR250R build

    You should frequent ebay. I have done several projects like this and if you set up keyword searches you can find some pretty good deals. My latest deal is a titled 2013 kx 100 that i bought for $100. Going to rebuild it slowly over the next couple of years for when my son transitions from a 65.
  10. Breaking things, be it the bike or yourself, is just part of the territory. I dislocated my knee 3 times in one ride. Did the whole PT thing. Popped it out on my first ride back. Walked it off. Went racing the following weekend. Dislocated it twice more during the race. Kept racing. My 7-year-old had his hand ran over during his moto practice. I asked him if he wanted to take a break, he said "No. I want to ride through the pain." If your heart isn't in it, and you don't have a threshold for pain. I would say quit.
  11. crashhard_17

    Capitol Forest Trail Destruction

    I stage out of the Middle Waddell day use lot when I go for a day ride and have never had issues with quads. In fact, the last time I went earlier this month, the other motorcycle riders in the lot were the obnoxious ones. Just get around them on the trail and be on your way. I ride on the weekdays though, so I avoid the weekend crowd.
  12. crashhard_17

    Bike Build Thread!

    This is my kid's RM 65 I picked up blown for $320. I invested $400 more in the following: Hotrods bottom end kit Wiseco top end kit New chain Tamer lowering kit radiator hoses Works connection radiator brace repainted the frame Front brake assembly FMF turbine core New air filter Future mods: handguards aftermarket expansion chamber blue seat cover with yellow ribs custom blue and yellow graphics with preprint backgrounds Vforce reeds
  13. crashhard_17

    Bike Build Thread!

    This is my 2003 KX 250 project. Got the bike after PO blew it up at the dunes. Wossner Top end kit Wiseco bottom end kit FMF gnarly and turbine core 11 oz FWW Wiseco clutch basket and plates Rekluse Core EXP 3.0 Moose EZ Pull Bib mousse Front and Rear Handguards New graphics Gripper seat Oversized tank Rear hand hold Front and rear sprung for my weight Gold Valve in the rear Rear wave rotor Pro taper oversized bars It is a fun bike.
  14. crashhard_17

    WARNING!! Allow me to save YOU $$$

    That's why I buy cheap chinese handguards off ebay. $25 for full wrap guards. Made it through a season of hard trail riding and harescrambles. Even slammed a tree hard enough to crack the inner clamp in half. Still works just fine.
  15. crashhard_17

    Introverted Riders?

    I'm pretty introverted as well. I tried getting my wife into the sport but she wasn't too interested. I am in the process of rebuilding a couple quads so we can ride dunes together. I typically ride with my dad but when he can't go sometimes i'm stuck riding alone which isn't bad because I can keep a faster pace and don't have to stop at every junction. I always text my wife which trails I will be on. I don't give a certain time I will be back, because shit happens but it is generally a rule that if I haven't texted a few hours after dark then get worried. That being said, I have found a few riding partners at the gym and at a few local races. You start to be a regular at the races and you will make some riding buddies.