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  1. Dislocated my right kneecap in February doing a warm up wheelie before a trail ride. Never even went down. Just planted my leg wrong. Did PT for a month and a half and doc finally gave me the sign off to ride. It is strong but I am a little nervous it will dislocate again. I get 2 more dislocations before surgery is considered. I already had my left knee reconstructed. Best of luck and listen to the doctor.
  2. I’d recommend running the salvage sprint enduro the next day. It’s an amazing racing experience and pits you against the clock rather than pounding laps nonstop chasing the leader.
  3. There’s jjw designs. They are priced really good.
  4. I had a 99 YZ 400f. It was a fun bike, had good bottom end, but was a bitch to start and was heavy as hell. I moved on to a KTM 450 and loved it for a couple of seasons then made the leap to the 2 stroke side and have never regretted it. I would suggest the RMX. I was looking at one but it was sold out from under me so I ended up with a KX 250 that I turned into a woods bike and I love it. Light, flickable, and with the Rekluse and Fly wheel weight, I can chug it whenever I want.
  5. Just about done rebuilding this one for my 7 year old. He’s pretty stoked. Including purchase price and full motor rebuild with hot rods bottom end and wiseco top end I am into it $604 total.
  6. Almost done with my son’s 65.
  7. There’s Elbe, probably still some snow and mainly 4 wheel drive trails.
  8. Congrats! I built a 96 kx 125 into a woods weapon and took a couple first place finish in 200A and 200b. They are fun bikes. I have a kx 250 now. The 125 started out similar to yours. Lots of sweat equity and ebaying
  9. That’s not a Honda...
  10. I have an 03 kx 250 with an 11 oz fww and rekluse clutch. First gear will tractor up anything but useless in any other case. The rest of the gears are perfect and I have not noticed any ill effects at speed.
  11. Yeah, i have noticed photobucket is a garbage site now. Through the TT app you can upload photos directly from your phone to a post.
  12. Previous owner had these designed by chaos mx graphics
  13. My carb loaded up the other day and I overcompensated with throttle during a wheelie. Went a little too far, planted my right leg and dislocated my knee cap. &%$#@! carb problems.
  14. This is my 2003 with a natural colored oversized tank.
  15. 03 and 04 were pretty similar, or so I’ve heard. I absolutely love my 03. It’s a great harescrambles bike.