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  1. 12 ****ing pages of fighting. Laides please change you're tampons.
  2. The first song is my last serenade by killswitch engage
  3. HA! just wait till you tip that bike and the pipe go's right on you're leg. That will teach you to ride wearing that you retard.
  4. Ok I can't watch them for some reason I dont know why. I have a myspace account and I have the newest flash player please tell me what i need to watch them. Its killin me.
  5. what do i need to download to watch myspace vids gosh i hate it.
  6. Get a picture of it i wana see it.
  7. Keep it up, you're better then me and you can only get better.
  8. How big was that triple, nice riding btw.
  9. WOW that one with the front tire up real high and him standing up, lol done that one a few times on accident.
  10. Called racing. After a while I would start yelling and bumping his back tires in the turns to try and get his addrenaline pumping for a mistake.
  11. These were posted a long time ago but they are pretty much the best homemade motocross vids ever. I still watch them even tho iv seen every one at least 10 times.
  12. Nice track.
  13. Me getting ready to wreck lol, first real race and probably my easiest/most gentle wreck ever. Gosh those were fun days.
  14. how big is that one jump. the really big one lol.