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  1. ill post 17,000 of them if you stop whining. gigidy. cock hauler. ps. for the mods so i dont get banned: cock [kok]   Origin noun 1. a male chicken; rooster.
  2. holly crap you are F*CKING ANNOYING!!!! 17,000 posts and good god i can only imagine stabbing myself in the eyeballs if i had to read one more.
  3. tecdady

    What's open?

    yeah thats what i was thinking... UGH!
  4. tecdady

    California What's open?

    Anyone know what's open this weekend?
  5. tecdady

    Georgetown Saturday November 27

    bob glad to see you riding so much! i want to join in! will be out of town for that one, but would love to hit the trails again with you. going two stroke eh? hehe let me know if you want to cut loose that big beast you have. i might be interested.
  6. tecdady

    WARNING: Do not shop at Roseville Cycle!

  7. tecdady

    WARNING: Do not shop at Roseville Cycle!

    well.. all i can say, is that they are also stupid. i ended up buying my friend a new stator so he could ride. it cost me $150. how much will this thread cost them? i had a set of forks i wanted them to do. not anymore. its GREAT to think about all the money they will lose as a result of being crooked a**holes. this is why they have one foot in the grave and probably wont make it past the end of the year. im amazed they are still hanging on as it is.
  8. tecdady

    Possible Friday Stony ride.

    glad you guys had a good time! crackerbox is fun as hell. thats a ride in its self. little stony campground is fun. camped there a few times.
  9. we got 4! any other takers?
  10. we got 3 signed up... any other takers?
  11. pm sent! should be good weather.
  12. tecdady

    Possible Friday Stony ride.

    No I dont. But we havent had enough rain to force a closure. call this number (530) 963-3128 and listen to the message. it gives you detailed info about the stonyford trails as far as whats open and closed.
  13. tecdady

    Possible Friday Stony ride.

    weather.com for weather. use maxwell, ca as your city. stony should be open.
  14. tecdady

    OK, Time for another Bone-Head story.

    and those so lost and without friends they talk to themselves..... ive got some liquid white for you.
  15. tecdady

    OK, Time for another Bone-Head story.

    shots.. wrong bow? words? im lost.