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    Uh oh! Time to learn

    Hey Doug, I think I have some extra scuba gear in the garage ! :thumbsup: How you guys doin' ?

    drmark, Knee Brace -- Critical Thinking

    I'm scheduled for ACL replacement surgery in January. I want to ride again but I'm concerned about re-injury. Is there ANY effective way to protect the knee ligaments from being damaged again ??? I plan on agressive rehab and a lifetime of leg exercises to maintain muscle strength and stability. Just wondering if there are any worthwhile adjuncts to assist in protection ? I can see where knee braces can maybe lessen hyperextension and lateral impacts - but what about rotation ? That is how I "sprung" my ACL. Any thoughts ?

    Dr. Mark - ACL options ?

    Thank you for your quick response and the link to your website !

    Places to ride in and around the Lehigh Valley, PA

    Huh ... just logged on today without a problem. Maybe "googling" Tower City Trail Riders and clicking on a result will get you in.

    Dr. Mark - ACL options ?

    Dr. Mark, Hello ... and may I start by saying that I thought I'd never be posting in this thread ! Well ... after a less than graceful dismount from my cycle last weekend, I find myself with a torn ACL and medial meniscus. A friend who had ACL replacement surgery said he now wishes that he had opted for a "synthetic ACL" instead of the patellar graft used. I guess my question is, are there any advantages to going synthetic vs. harvesting your own native tissue for reconstruction. I'm more worried about stability / durability of said options. Just wanting to get my "ducks in a line" so I can pose somewhat reasonably intelligent questions to my ortho guy this week. Thanks for any insight ! Clay

    Places to ride in and around the Lehigh Valley, PA

    Tower City website is : www.tctri.org Great place to ride

    Post Pics of your XR250/400

    Here's mine
  8. For all of you "standers" out there. I've been following this thread with interest. I sit maybe 75% of the time - stand when conditions dictate. I just did my first harescramble the other weekend and did take notice to the large amount of riders standing throughout most of the race - they seemed to "flow" and maintain balance throughout the single track. I'm going to practice standing more often - only time it feels uncomfortable is when accelerating and up shifting. Does anyone use the wide or rotating foot pegs ?? Would this make any difference when standing or is it just a passing fad ? Thanks for any imput ! Clay

    Foggy mtn breakdown enduro

    Eddie, Check your PM's

    Foggy mtn breakdown enduro

    Big, Fat and Slow huh ?? Sounds like the row I wanna be on Eddie - sound like a plan to you ??

    Valley Forge Trail Riders Hare Scramble

    Doug, Tried to PM you but for some reason it's not working. Got some good pics from the race to forward to you - send me your home email address and I'll get-em to ya.

    Valley Forge Trail Riders Hare Scramble

    Well, The "newbie" completed his first hare scramble - got it done but it wasn't pretty - managed to get 4 laps in during my 2 hour ordeal - placed 9th in C-Vet which I thought was somewhat respectable. I have truely never been so exhausted in my life ! Third lap I was starting with the "I'm gonna puke and then pass out" feeling which got worse while wrenching through every mud hole. If it wasn't for my kids, friends and several spectators cheering me on, I don't think I would have finished ! "Draybob" gave me some after race tips on medicating my body to alleviate the aches and pains. Well Doug, I didn't need the Midol however a little Desitin where the "sun don't shine" has helped wonderfully (anti-monkey butt powder now on list of things to bring to next event). All in all I had a blast !!!! Can't wait to try one again ! Clay

    Valley Forge Trail Riders Hare Scramble

    Aw Doug - Now you didn't tell me there would be mud there !

    Foggy mtn breakdown enduro

    Eddie, I am planning on going to that event ... providing I survive my first harescramble this weekend. Foggy Mtn will be my first enduro as well !

    Valley Forge Trail Riders Hare Scramble

    The "newbie" can't wait ! Sounds like it will be a good time - two XR's side by side - look out ! Doug - PM'd ya - gimme a call so we can coordinate the weekend.