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  1. hondaman450x

    2000 YZ426F - Clutch?

    Ok, so I ended up crashing this bike back in July of 2012 while trail riding in the upper peninsula of Michigan. I hit a tree stump on the side of the road and ejected.....ended up with a severe concussion and a shattered tib/fib in my left leg. Needless to say, the bike has sat until recently while I recovered and saved some funds to fix it. I knew something was wrong with the clutch when we got the bike. When cold, it would engage smoothly like regular. When hot, it would grab and catch viciously no matter how slow you let the clutch out and jerk very bad. After taking out the clutch, I found that one of the plates spline gears was loose from being pressed in. I was able to buy a whole complete clutch from EBay for $65. I put everything together according to the manual. Everything was checked out, I put new plates and springs in there. When I hooked up the clutch cable to the arm on the case, there is too much slack and the arm moves back and forth with 0 tension. Is there something I missed while putting it back together? Both cables are the same size. I never took that arm out of the other side of the case where the cable connects. Feed back? HELP!!!
  2. hondaman450x

    XR400 CLutch

    I never inspected it when I got the bike. Thats the only problem with buying things used. "Grandpa owned. Never ridden............" yeah right. I'll tear into it for the hell of it. The bike is down for this winter anyways. Not too many places to ride in Chicago.........
  3. hondaman450x

    XR400 CLutch

    I have felt it slip a lil when i shift hard from 1st to 2nd. If I full throttle shift, the slipping occurs. I changed my oil not too long ago so I am sure that is fine. Ill check just in case. I already blew this motor up once and had to re-do the whole top end.
  4. hondaman450x

    2000 YZ426F - Clutch

    The bike is actually the opposite. The clutch feels good when I first start riding it. After 10 minutes, the problems start.
  5. hondaman450x

    Stolen DRZ :(

    That sucks. When I was younger, I had my 86 XR250 and my brothers 2001 XR100 get stolen from my garage in Chicago. Broke right in in plain daylight and took em both. I still feel the pain of losing that bike and i still think about it all the time. Funny thing is if we did lock the bikes, it would have never happened. Believe me, my XR400 and my brothers YZ426 are on top security now. Nobody will take those, and if they do, I will find them this time and take a lead pipe to their head!!!
  6. hondaman450x

    XR400 CLutch

    How do you know when it is time to change the clutch? My bike started making weird noises when I am engaging the clutch in 1st gear. How long should a clutch last if you only ride 10 times a year on trails?
  7. hondaman450x

    2000 YZ426F - Clutch

    I have a 2000 YZ426 that I picked up last year for $1600. I have noticed when trying to start out in 1st gear, the clutch enguages with a jerking feeling like it is grabbing, not slipping in gear. I don't think this bike has ever had the motor tore into. Time for a new clutch kit? Any suggestions as to what brand/type? My brother and I mainly trail ride with the exception of the track a few times a year.
  8. hondaman450x

    YZ426 Exhaust

    What is the quietest exhaust to put on this bike? I am riding my XR400 which is very nice and peaceful compared to the 426. We also won't be able to ride my brothers 426 on out property until we get it settled down with the sound because of the neighbors. Any suggestions? Sacraficing some power isn't an issue cuz my brother hasn't ridden in 2 years and Im pretty sure the bike will still be plenty fast for him.
  9. hondaman450x

    XR400 Cam Chain

    Damn. I wish i would have known that. I ended buying a OEM one for 100 bucks. #^$^%$&@#!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. hondaman450x

    2002 XR400R Mods?

    I blew up my motor and got my whole top end re-built with a weisco piston 11.5 to 1 compression. That made a big difference. Espically with 110 octane fuel. But it also ran me $750, along with a new cam chain. Cheap things? I don't know about those.
  11. hondaman450x

    Piston Seizure. WHY???????

    I had my XR4 seize. There was no oil in the bike. After it stopped, it started. I neevr heard such a horrible sound coming out of the motor once I started it back up. The only thing u can do it tear into it. Once i did, i discovered that the bike had the wrong piston in it in the first place. some moron put a piston in 25 thousants to small.
  12. hondaman450x

    01 top end rebuild advise???

    I had to do a top end re-build and the Weisco 11:1 is good stuff.
  13. hondaman450x

    Dumbest mistake I have ever made.

    So this happened about a month ago on my familys 50 acres in Michigan. I had an 86 XR250 that I rode from 8th grade til I was 18/19. It was stolen right out of my garage along with my brothers XR100. So my dad bought me a 2001 XR400. What a huge difference in the bike. I loved it. I loved the power compared to my old bike and all I wanted to do was go ride it. I guess I was too excited to ride cuz I didn't check the oil for a couple months. Huge mistake. I was pinnin the bike top speed on a dirt road for about 15 to 20 seconds and all of a sudden the motor felt like I was hittin the rear brake and then it died. I pulled in the clutch and coasted and then i let it out to bump start it. It rode normal after. Had all the power and everything. It was when I slowed down to idle that I realized a huge knock on the top end. Got back to camp and as soon as I pulled up next to my dad, he said "SHUT THAT THING OFF". I checked the oil and nothing even showed up on the stick except for the very bottom. Where the hell did the oil go? I wasnt burning oil at all. So now after taking it all apart, i hot froze the motor. Piston is all jacked up and so is the cylinder. What should have been an easy fix is checking the oil and spendin money on oil. Now this is turning into a motor rebuild which is hundreds. And the worst thing of all is for the 4th of july, im suppost to be going to PA to go ride for 8 days. It better be fixed in the next 3 weeks!!!!!!
  14. hondaman450x

    01 XR400 Upgrades.

    Basically I have a completely stock bike and I am getting ready for the winter rebuild. I am probably going to take the motor out, split the cases, and inspect every square inch of the motor. Well actually my dad will do all that, i'll watch. Change o-rings, seals, bearings, the clutch, and everything else worn. but my main thing is the carb. Right now when i punch it full, it doesn't respond right away and then all of a sudden after a second or two, it starts flying. I have heard things about the "pumper" carb and I want it. I just wanted tips on what I should do to make the bike faster and more responsive without having to mess with cams and boring kits:excuseme: . Like exhaust systems. I was looking at the power bomb they have for xr's. And i wanted a good silencer. Any possibilities?
  15. hondaman450x

    My XR400

    Yeah. I workout weightlifting and it makes me feel like I have more control over tha bike. Im 5' 10" and I weigh 210. On my land, its not that technical only because I know every trail like the back of my hand. But I think the bike is sweet.