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  1. Size15

    XR 250 manual

    Does anyone have a current link for an 04 XR250 manual? Thanks in advance!
  2. I know that most of you won't understand why I want to do this, but I want to put street tires on my 04 Japanese XR250. I live in Bangkok, Thailand and will be moving north to Chiang Mai towards the end of the year and am looking forward to the wonderful single tracks up there. But I have found that the XR is also a great bike for Bangkok traffic. The high seat provides great visibility and the small size of the bike allows for easy filtering between cars. The rainy season is just getting started here and I want to replace my Dunlop knobbies wih some kind of street tire. I don't want to ride on the slippery streets of BKK in rain with knobbies. I guess you could say I want to do a cheap/temporary motard conversion but want to keep the 21 inch front wheel. I know you can buy 21 inch tires for the laced front wheel chopper style bikes but I thought I would ask here first to see if anyone's done this or has any advice. TIA! Size15 in BKK