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  1. Does anybody know of a shop where my friend can rent a dirtbike for a weekend. We want to ride in the Victorville, CA. area. I already have my own dirtbike. He has his own riding gear.
  2. Cross Eyed

    Lightest toy hauler

    This lighter than any I found except for the Airstream Basecamp. Cabin A SUT. It is under 3k dry weight with 440# toungue weight. If my Ridgeline can tow this, any 6cyl RWD/4WD truck or van could.
  3. I read tt alot, but this is the thread that convinced me to join. The subject switched from tailgates to plastic putdowns in a hurry. I just bought a Ridgeline a couple of days ago just to haul my ttr125l out to the desert and back. Lightweight bike on a lightweight truck. A Ridgeline has the tailgate cable only on 1 side and with the the 5' bed, the back tire will sit on the tailgate. Has anybody ever have their tailgate warp? I have no idea if I'll outgrow the truck or the motorcycle first, I dont care. I got the bike $400 under MSRP and the truck $4000. Gas prices will stay down until after the next election. :applesause: When we get to the desert, my friend