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  1. As of now, Law Enforcement has not been given authority or instruction to pull a plate off of a dirt bike that was given a plate by the DMV (as long as the registration is current). This could change tomorrow. Our options to put a plate on a dirt bike are very limited. You buy a bike with a plate already on it, hope you roll the dice with someone at the DMV who will give you one in error, or register the bike out of state. The first one can be expensive, exspecially if you already own a bike without a plate. The second one is a gamble at best and could be pulled by a rally from the fish kissing liberals in our state. The last one is risky also because you technically have 10 days once the bike is brought back to register it here. And who knows if the DMV will plate it or say sorry it doesn't meet our emission standards. I can only speak for myself and the guys I work with. We could care less that a guy has a plated dirtbike. There are so many way more important issues out there for us to be dealing with.
  2. That looked awesome. My grandmother lives in Benson; Ive never had a chance to bring my bike but I see fun trails and washes all over the place. What tires were you running on your DR and how did they hold up? Looking back would you have done anything different? Great ride report and thanks in advance.
  3. That little beast brings back some good memories. I rode a little red Honda 90 for quite some time. The damn thing just kept going and going. Send some pics this winter after your done with the remodel.
  4. CJ06WR

    Big Bear on Sat.

    Too busy this weekend (since I am still at work) but thanks for the invite. I was up riding in the same general area two weeks ago and had a blast. Let us know how the ride goes and hopefully if you set something up next time I will be available.
  5. Eric, Like most law enforcement agencies, we get hooked up with discounted tickets to all the major amusement parks, except Disneyland. That happiest place on earth isn't very cheap. But Magic Mountain, Knott's Berry Farm, Castle Park, Sea World, the San Diego Zoo and Wild Life Park, and one of the water parks that I can't remember the name of, take pretty good care of us. When they get down here, PM me and I will let you know the prices. With a little bit of planning there is a lot that can be done. There's also a lot of stuff do do that is inexpensive, such as a day at the beach. A lot of this will depend on how he is feeling / doing with the treatment. Please keep us posted. On know there's several TT's in our community that are willing to help. Chris
  6. Eric, May I suggest Lake Perris. This location is about 30 minutes directly south of Loma Linda at the Moreno Valley and Perris city limits. It is a state park and offers fishing, boating, biking, hiking etc. I believe there is RV hook ups but I could be wrong. Check them out on the web. If your nephew would like a ride in cop car, maybe to help cheer him up, I am a deputy in Moreno Valley. PM for details...Chris
  7. The only problem with registering a bike in another state and bringing it here and thinking everything is cool is that you only have 10 days to take your bike to our DMV. A nosey CHP officer will know something is up when you get stopped in a sobriety checkpoint and you have a California driver's license and an Arizona plate. There are actually programs in place where your neighbor can tip you off to the DMV / CHP because our state loses millions a year in registration fees. We are all screwed with plating a WR. I know there are guys who have done it but there are rumors that the DMW will pull your plate. Who know if that will ever happen. Our best bet for a real dirtbike that is street legal is to move out of Cali or consider going orange.
  8. Find Indy's jetting post. I would of had no idea of where to begin without his help. I purchased all of my jets, besides the ones that came in the JD Jet Kit, from Zanotti. Do a search for them on line. Prices were cheap and they were delivered as promised.
  9. I made the switch and I have no regrets. My 06 WR450 is so much easier to ride, I am actually a better rider. It's old vs new technology.
  10. Most of us in the law enforcement community who conduct off road enforcement are pretty fair with folks who excercise common sense and we are not out there to hassle those who are having a good time. I have met lots of great people while doing enforcement who were within the law. It's the few who are ruining it for the many. We currently have in our stable a couple of XR400's, XR230's, and Raptor 350 quads. The bikes have Baja Design dual sport kits on them. I'm always on a XR400, quads scare me to death, but I am trying to get a couple of new WR's for the next fiscal year. I won't hold my breath but it would be so nice. I have also seen some local Police Department's with KTM 525 that have a dual sport kit on them. I haven't ridden one myself but the guys seem to like them.
  11. I agree with xrmarty, it's definately not for me.
  12. Two weeks ago was my maiden voyage into the dunes (Glamis). I had a Kings 8 paddle tire on my 06 450 and had no problems with the stock gearing. The bike ran strong and ended up being stonger than me. I havent had a bad crash in a long time, and I knew my time was up. I am still recovering. Good luck and let us know how your trip went.
  13. Although the Dunlop 756 rear tire held up suprisingly well, I too am going to try the Maxis Desert IT. I have heard some really good feed back from other TT'ers and from the local SoCal desert rats.
  14. These free mods are easy to do. There's nothing like tearing into a brand new bike to open her up. Sure you shouldn't have to, but I got to know my new toy by doing these free mods. The other way to look at it is you can get use to the bike before it has balls to the walls power. I came off of an XR400. These two bikes can't even be compared. My 06 has plenty of power and has been 100% reliable. All of these new 4 strokes need some work. I read the same article in "Dirtbike" and am sure the KTM is a good bike. Even with the KTM it was suggested to adjust the position of the needle. It is not much harder to replace the jets and cut or replace the throttle stop on the Yamaha. Thanks to everyone on Thumper Talk, it is very easy to find step by step instructions on how to do these mods. Your best bet would be to ride each bike before you decide. Check with your dealer and riding buddies. I have no regrets with my choice, but the guys riding orange or red will tell you the same.
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