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  1. Bertster

    New rebuild, but I cant get all the oil in

    Mine did that once too, wouldn't take all the oil it should. Pull the banjo bolt on the bottom of the frame (where the oil line comes out to the motor) then check the screen inside the frame. Mine was mostly clogged so the oil wasn't freely moving through to the motor as I was pouring it in. Now I check the screen twice a year.
  2. Bertster

    Mobil one Synthetic Motorcyle oil?

    I used to use the Mobil 20/50 Synthetic but they stopped selling it up here in Canada. I was always very happy with the Mobil Syn and have had a hard time finding a repalcement for it (that doesn't cost an arm and a leg) But on a recent trip to Mrytle Beach I was in Wallmart and saw Mobil 15/50 Synthetic. It doesn't have any energy conserving stuff in it just like th old 20/50. So I bought a jug to try out. And it was on sale for 22 bucks for the big jug. It will be a bit before I can give it a try as it is -15 to -20c or so up here in Canada now. That around the zero mark for you guys using Fahrenheit. But it was warmer last weekend ( about 0c or 32f) and I did start up the XR to run some gas through. She started first kick after a few primes with the decomp. Gotta love the XR eh. Bert.
  3. Bertster

    Boyesen Quickshot?

    Ya I didn't think it would fit a XR carb. I was just looking for a lower cost option to a pumper carb. Thanks Bert
  4. Bertster

    Boyesen Quickshot?

    Hey anyone run the Boyesen Quickshot accelerator cover? Or will it even fit a 03 XR400? The XR is not listed on there website. Would this be an option to getting a pumper carb? Thanks Bert.
  5. Bertster

    Teraflex tires

    Thanks for all the advice guys. I am not going with the Teraflex. I ride my XR400 as a daulsport so the DOT rating and longevity of the Teraflex is what I was looking for. And hey more traction who doesn't want that. But the height is a problem as I have lowered my bike an inch already. And we get into alot of mud from time to time and I heard that they pack up your mud guard alot. Hey I didn't think they will even fit. Thanks guys. Bertster
  6. Bertster

    Teraflex tires

    Hey all anyone run the Teraflex tire on there XR 400? I can get a deal on the big 150/90/18 but I don't know if it will fit. From the measurements the guy gave me and after checking them on my bike I am not sure it will fit? Anyone running the big monters Teraflex let me know. Or are they even worth the hassle? Thanks Bertster
  7. Bertster

    Bike Shops Mrytle Beach???

    Hey thanks Urps. I found the webpage for Redline and it's on my list now. Anyone else know of any dirt bike gear type distributers in the area? Thanks again.
  8. Bertster

    Bike Shops Mrytle Beach???

    Hello from Canada all. My wife and I are going to Mrytle Beach for a vaction after Christmas. I would like to know if there are any good bike shops in the area. I am not looking to buy a bike but to look at related gear and parts. I run a 03 XR400. If you guys know of any place for me to do a little shopping while I am in the area please let me know. Thanks
  9. Bertster

    XR glass lens headlight

    Hey I did the glass lens headlight upgrade on my 03 XR 400. I also put in the 55 watt Sylvania Silverstar bulb and it works great. That sucker really throws out alot of light now. Was out the other night and was very happy with the upgrade. It put out more light than my buddies XR with the Baja kit. Oh ya and yes the stator has been rewound too.
  10. Hey all I read a thread about not looking at ruts as your going through them and wow it works. Went for a good ride today on a old rail line and there were alot of ruts from trucks and quads. So as I approached the rutty sections I would quickly pick a line and then look down the trail past the ruts and you just cruise right through. WOW After a little practice I was blasting through in third and forth gear. It takes alittle getting used to the bike floating around but it works, give it a try. Pick a good line then look past the ruts and blast through.
  11. Bertster

    illuminate me please

    I replaced my stock headlight with the glass lens and the 55 watt silverstar bulb and it works great. My stator has been rewound though. But what if you try use a 1157 LED bulb for the tail light? It would free up some watts for your headlight. The power you save on the tail light would help running the 55 watt bulb. I also ran a 55 watt bulb for a year with the stock plastic lens with no problem. Get a 55 watt for the front and a LED for the back and see how it works. Bert.
  12. Bertster

    XR 400 handle bars

    Hey thanks for the advice guys. I think I may just go with some new 7/8" bars so I won't have to change anything. The fatbars look nice but it would cost alot to change everything over. So any recommendations on what 7/8" bars are good. Thanks Bertster.
  13. Bertster

    XR 400 handle bars

    Hi all i am looking to get new handle bars for my XR. I like the look of the pro tapers and the renthal fat bars(ones without the cross brace). How do you guys like either of these? Are they good strong bars? Is one better than the other? I will need new bar mount adapters but what about my hand guards? Do the bars taper down fast enough to use the 7/8" clamps for the hand guards or will I need new clamps for the guards too (EE hand guards)? Also I am 5'7" and don't find the stock bars to bad for height. Just a little higher would be nice so what bend should I be looking at? Thanks Bertster.
  14. Bertster

    Drawn Tward Bad Things

    Yes it is called object fixation. This year a was lucky to win a day driving coarse with BMW Canada. They gave me a 330I to drive and beat on yahoo. They did a braking drill were you come down the skid pad and throw her into 4 wheel lock up(anti lock disabled). Then there are 4 pillions right in your way and you have to steer around them, you could go on either side. Then to make it tougher they flash a light on one side of the pillions and you have to go to the other side because the light was a 18 wheeler coming on that side. It was amazing how many people went to the light side If you look at it guess what. Thats were you will end up. You have to train yourself to see the ob-stickle but look to where you want to go right away. Also looking as far ahead as possible helps too. I know this from skiing Moguls. If you look at the Mogul right in front of you it is very hard to set up for the next one. And very soon you are all out of shape. If you look 4 or 5 Moguls ahead you can plan your line much better. It is amazing how your brain can remember what is right under you while your looking ahead and planning your line through. So when you see something bad ahead look to where you want to go and keep your eyes looking as far ahead as you can. This will also give you more time to react if it is something really ugly ahead. Hope this helps. And by the way I am still practicing this as it is not as easy as I made it sound.
  15. Bertster

    What to pay for a for a 1997 xr250? xr400?

    Hey TJ go for the XR 400. I am about 220lbs and the 400 hauls my ass around just fine. I don't think the 250 would do as well and after you get better at riding you will want the torque of the 400. I got a 03 XR 400 last spring and thought it had so much power and torque I would never use it all. Well after riding it for a year and getting much better I am now using all the power the bike has. The bike also seemed big and heavy at first but now it just feels great. If I had got a 250 I would probably be looking for a 400 by now, so go with the 400. Start slow and you will grow into it quickly. They are great all round bikes and very reliable. As for the price I am from Canada so I can't say what one should be worth where you are, but $2600 does sound a little high to me. Try to talk him down a bit as most people ask more than the expect to get. Hope this helps Bert.