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  1. maui96may

    I've given up!!

    rdz, i read post #25 and replaced the seal and plate. the high idle stopped! my slide plate had alittle bit of damage (very minor nicks and burrs). however, when i replaced the slide and seal the engine didn't stop high/hanging idling right away. after a few blips and revs of the throttle and running the engine i was able to adjust the pilot screw and set the idle. i turned the engine off and restarted a few times to test if the problem was really gone... and it was. i let the engine cool down and restarted and everything works fine now. hope you have the same luck.
  2. maui96may

    I've given up!!

    rdz, i found this post http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=705474&page=5&highlight=popping+acceleration read post #47 you might want to check the ignition pulse generator. i'll be checking mine and cleaning it to see if this was the problem.
  3. maui96may

    I've given up!!

    rdz, i've got the exact same problem. i've done just about everything you've done. checked for leaks, taken apart and cleaned carb, except adjust tps. i'll try that next. i can't figure it out either. my 250x has ccc, jets are 42 and 160, clip at 4th, twin air filter and ti-4 procircuit full exhaust system. last resort is to take it to dealer and let them figure it out.