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  1. beef017

    question- DRZ 110

    well i got 2 drz 110's, one with an iShock and one with an aggressive shock spring, but i have an extra stock shock layin around and thought it would be interesting to try one, thats all. the 80 dollars that it might cost would be cheap entertainment
  2. beef017

    what I just f-ing realized.

    get the 143 kit, if a ring cracks or something else major just have your cylender brought in to be re-sleeved
  3. beef017

    Drz 110 mods

    first off go with a big bore and a cam(mid-top end cam), a simple way to get more power and speed is an air filter, make sure you buy the jets. put a fourth gear drum in your bike for some serious top end. next i dont know if i would choose any of those pipes, if you want a good pipe i would choose between a procircuit t-4, the two brothers racing pipe, or the joker machine pipe, all put out great power gains throughout the power band. if you want your bike to rev as hard as it can your have to buy the new inner rotar kits, make sure you have a rev box so that you dont over load your stocker. all these things will make your 110 fly. fastest big bore on the market is BBR's 160 kit, the perfect kit i think is a takegawa 143 big bore, then you dont have to machine anything and its a trick kit. hope i helped!
  4. beef017

    drz110 spittin oil HELP!!!!!!

    if he crashed it when i started doing it it was probably just oil coming out of the over flow, and if he put a bunch more in it was to full and pumped it out. just try changing the oil and filling it up as recomended. only takes a little over a quart to fill. thats all i can think of.....
  5. beef017

    question- DRZ 110

    i was on ebay one day and i saw a shock spring for the DRZ 110 and it was a 520lb rated spring, i dont remember the name of the company though so i was wondering if any of you guys have heard of the spring and maybe know who makes it. looked around forever and i couldnt find it. thanks
  6. beef017

    Best pipe for DRZ110??

    if your going to go with a big bore later on your best bets would be with the procircut t-4 pipe, or the new two brothers pipes. fmf pipe is cheap but its junk for the big bore. i personally have a joker pipe that you can look at on jokermachine.com but i dont think it would be the best bang for your buck, so check out those other two pipes and you wont be disapointed