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  1. matt_dawson_CRF250R

    dubble right after a sharp turn?

    There is a rythem section at our track that consists of 3 doubles, the problem is that right before the first double there is a tight 180 degree sloping turn, the upramp of the jump is only 2 foot high and you have to make it about 15 feet to the lander, the rest of them are a bit higher and easier to clear but if you fail the first one it really can stuff you up for the rest, even the really good A grade riders seem to be casing it out with their front wheels, I just can't seem to case the first one and recover for the rest, any suggestions?
  2. matt_dawson_CRF250R

    Race sag

    Has anyone lse had problems when setting up their race sag on the 06 CRF's, I have to remove the whole subframe and airbox otherwise I can't get s screw driver in their to bang the locknut anticlockwise. It even recomends in the manual removing the whole subframe. I have set it from 50mm (stock) to 70mm so now I need to get back in their, can someone please tell me if they have found a gap anywhere to knock the locknut anticlockwise.
  3. matt_dawson_CRF250R

    best mods for extra HP

    thats funny that, my valves closed over today whilest riding, very dusty conditions (Australia), bike got harder and harder to start and now, won't start, I hope that not to much damage has been done, I might ask my local dealer about the G1 cam and intake valvesprings from crower power, do you guys have an Aussie distributor?
  4. matt_dawson_CRF250R

    best mods for extra HP

    What jetting would i need to use? Spose it would be dependant on the conditions.
  5. matt_dawson_CRF250R

    best mods for extra HP

    I have $300 U.S What is the best HP related mod for my CRF250 "06"? It seems to lack responsiveness in the higher gears , it is lucky to pull a 4th gear wheelie, the engine is perfect I"m thinking maybe it is the stock jetting? I want to keep the stock gearing (13 and 52) but wouldn't mind finding a relatively cheap mod to increase overall power output, more exitement.
  6. matt_dawson_CRF250R

    2 stroke or 4

    everyone cries about the weight difference but it is only 2-4 kgs different, don't get me wrong I would prefer the 2 stroke power delivery but the only argument for a 2 stroke is the weight advantage of 5kgs max. Does it make that much of a difference?
  7. matt_dawson_CRF250R

    2 stroke or 4

    Just how much harder is it to ride a 250 2st compared to a 450 4st? I have heard from different people that I will never be able to ride the 250 2 as well as a 450, I am coming off a CRF250 and would like to go 2 stroke for a good adrenaline rush, but I have repeaedly been told that the 450 is a better all round option not only for racing but for having general fun on aswell. I would really llike to contiue racing and have had previous 2 st experience (CR125). What do you guys think?
  8. matt_dawson_CRF250R


    I am currently riding a CRF250 06 model but am planning on selling up and investing in a 2nd hand 05 model 250 2 smoke. How much harder will this be to ride and will I be able to retain my current race pace quickly because i plan on racing it 1 month or so afterwards.
  9. matt_dawson_CRF250R

    What should I buy?

    What is the best mods that I can buy for an 06 CRF250 for added performance for $400
  10. matt_dawson_CRF250R

    2006 CRF Bog

    I went to the site it has the $185 mod listed but no additional info or purchase page, it only has the full carburetor rebuild for $600+ with a "checkout" link but there is none on the $185 mod, did you contact them through phone for more info?
  11. matt_dawson_CRF250R

    How Are Your 2006 Bikes Holding Up?

    i have 62.3 hours on my 06 CRF according to the hour meter and I had to get a valve job done at about 50 hours because dirt had gotten past the airfilter somehow, probably from incorrect fitting that was about $200 U.S, i change the engine oil every 5hrs and the tranny along with oilfilter every 10hrs. I will probably get a new piston put in soon to be on the safe side.
  12. matt_dawson_CRF250R

    muffler repacking

    i still have the stock 06 mufflers, will i be able to repack it myself or is it a difficult job?
  13. matt_dawson_CRF250R

    muffler repacking

    also someone should post a thread on how to repack the muffler on the 06's, i spose that they would be different from the 05's
  14. matt_dawson_CRF250R

    muffler repacking

    on the 06's how often do you guys repack your mufflers, i have done 50 hours without repacking them once but on transworld motorcross they reckon that it should be performed every 7-10 hours, would have i lost significant performnce after 50 hours without repacking?
  15. matt_dawson_CRF250R

    Racing Horror Stories

    there was a double double on the weekend at our track and i was about midpack when i crossed up on the second one cased, the landing and went down, then in about a millisecond, i felt this thump in the bottom of my back, someone behind me hit the double and ran into me, i thought that i had broken my back for a second but i was just winded and still can't bend over fully 3 days later, hopefully i can race next weekend