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  1. AZZuki

    Magnesium clutch cover on 05/06 DR Z400's

    Proof: http://members.cox.net/craven_morehead/quad/clutchcover.jpg That was my Z.
  2. AZZuki

    Magnesium clutch cover on 05/06 DR Z400's

    Check it out! Suzuki FINALLY stepped up to the plate! http://www.suzukicycles.com/Recalls/
  3. AZZuki

    Magnesium clutch cover on 05/06 DR Z400's

    So far it doesn't sound like any of the DR Z400's have been affected. Maybe the coolant that is put in at the factory is different or something??? Either way I know that magnesium and water don't mix well. I hope that Suzuki will figure that out soon.
  4. AZZuki

    Magnesium clutch cover on 05/06 DR Z400's

    Were they 05/06 models?
  5. AZZuki

    Magnesium clutch cover on 05/06 DR Z400's

    The coolant is put in at the factory. I'd say someone didn't do their research on water and magnesium interaction. My quad has only been serviced at the Suzuki dealer. The solution that i am going with is flushing the factory coolant out and putting in Evans NPG+. Please spread the word about this to any magazine/forum/friends that you can think of. The more people that find and report the problem, the more pressure Suzuki will have to issue a recall.
  6. Hey all, Just wanted to make sure all you 2 wheel guys were aware of a problem with the Suzuki 400's. I have an LT Z400 quad and found out about it on z400central.com. What's happening is the factory installed coolant is corroding the magnesium clutch cover. If you remove your waterpump cover, you're likely to find this: http://members.cox.net/craven_morehead/quad/clutchcover.jpg That is the coolant and chunks of magnesium gumming up the hole that the coolant flows thru. Suzuki has basically said that's it's not a big deal and they are not planning on doing a recall. That is absolute crap! I highly recommend that you inspect your bike and/or take it to the dealership! The dealership MUST be the one to report it to Suzuki so your VIN is on file. Here's a link to the z400central forum about this topic. There's plenty of pictures and horror stories about how poorly Z owners are being treated by Suzuki. http://www.z400central.com/invision/index.php?showtopic=52767