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  1. mikewarax

    steering bearings - check/grease??

    I've got a 2003 DR650 that I bought in 2005 with about 7k miles on it. I decided since I had little history on the bike I would go through it before riding it much. Good thing I did, there was very little to no grease in the steering head bearings as well as on the rear suspension linkage. Some of the linkage bushings were already starting to gall. The factory builds lots of bikes every day, requiring lots of lubricants and fluids. If they can pinch a penny here and there by reducing at amount of grease applied to each bike it adds up to a lot of savings fast. Grease alone is pretty cheap when compared to replacing parts. Mike
  2. mikewarax

    Noisy top end

    Be sure to check the cam journals in the head for damage, I had a 1990 model that had damage from lack of oil to the top end. Burned up the head and cam. Other than that check valve clearances and rockers. Mike
  3. mikewarax

    Oh no, DR go boom... (update 7/27 - w/pics)

    I like the idea of being able to put a big bore kit in the motor and add a better camshaft etc.. but will your warranty company cover another failure if you're not using stock parts to put it back together ? Just food for thought. Mike
  4. mikewarax

    Sad day for my DR......

    Looks like you're in the ballpark with Geico. Mike
  5. mikewarax

    Should I constantly be adjusting the idle screw? (DR350)

    You need to make sure your bikes engine is fully warmed up before making any carb adjustments. Take a 10-20 mile ride and then make your adjustments. A cold engine will behave much differently than a warm engine. You want to make your adjustments for the bike as it is being ridden, not warming up. Mike
  6. mikewarax

    Sad day for my DR......

    Tell them to find you a used 08 DR650 with comparable miles and accessories and just buy it for you, i.e. replace the one you had with a similar one. Mike
  7. mikewarax

    magnetic drain plug for the 350??

    Have you tried measuring your thread size and pitch and ordering that way ? Would probably give you a lot more options. Mike
  8. mikewarax

    ADV site

    Yeah, I think Baldy is toying with some of the settings on the new equipment. Mike
  9. mikewarax

    Leaky base gasket, or camchain? Beats me...help!

    I would take it back to the dealer that you PAID to fix an oil leak. Apparently their repair was not successful so it should be on their dime to repair. You don't have to go in and be an a** about it just yet. Just go in and review with them your repair order to fix an oil leak and show them the oil still on the bike. Good Luck, Mike
  10. mikewarax

    Dr 650 Foot Pegs

    Thanks, got some on the way. Mike
  11. mikewarax

    Dr 650 Foot Pegs

    Nice looking pegs, got a linky for ordering ? Thanks. Mike
  12. mikewarax

    How backed up is your service dept.??

    Ask the service manager or service writer if you can make a service appointment on a specified day to bring your bike in and have it worked on that day. You can ride your bike in the meantime and not have it sit in the shop. Mike
  13. mikewarax

    Twitchy front -- tires or other?

    Did you check the air pressure in the tires ? Mike
  14. mikewarax

    Lets see your DR's

    Nope, not Hoopers Bald. I think Its called Whigg meadow. You can find it taking the north fork of the river road from Bald River falls. Near the top of the mountain is Sycamore rd off to the right. A few miles down that we found the Meadow. Holler at me sometime and I'll take you up there. I see you on ETR too. Mike P.S. We met at Joe and Rick Terry's farm last year at the trials practice. You and the wife drove the car and I was on the Yellow DR.
  15. mikewarax

    Lets see your DR's

    Mines the yellow one, the blue one is my friends. We found this spot on the top of a mountain in the Cherokee National Forest near Tellico Plains, Tn. MIke