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  1. murfthesurf

    05 450 vs 04 450

    I am about to purchase a 450 and am deciding between a 04 or and 05. What are the major differences / minor differences and is it worth a $1,000 difference if all else is equal?
  2. murfthesurf

    What to buy for a beginner

    What is a DRZ? I would definitely like something that is mechanic friendly because I have no skills in that department. What about the husky?
  3. murfthesurf

    250 or 450 just Starting

    I am 6'4 210 and am not sure which bike to buy. I would think a 250 but friends are telling me I am too heavy for the bike.
  4. I am just getting into riding and many friends have recommended KTM and I am looking to ride in the desert and trail ride. I am 6' 4 weigh 210 and if someone could give me some help and recommendations I would appreciate it!!!