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    1982 XR80 Exhaust interchanges

    Can someone tell me which years interchange with the 1982 XR80 Exhaust? I would like to find a stock replacement without paying the dealer price if there is such a thing. I'm not looking for a high performance pipe, just one that will work. Or, is there such as thing as a replacement muffler that could be clamped to the original header pipe? Thanks. -Vinnie
  2. Vinnie11

    XR80 Carb help needed

    I checked for clogged pilot and it was clean. I checked the needle clip setting and found it on the wrong groove. Moved the clip to the center groove and I am able to adjust the idle, although I cannot get it to idle smooth, it is up and down. Also, I when tweeking the air screw, I can't get the dead spot out during acceleration. From reading archived posts, I probably need to replace the needle valve and main jet as mine are likely worn and not allowing consistent operation. I want to keep it stock if I can and get good performance without getting into bigger jets, higher flow exhaust and air filters etc. Does anyone have any experience with stock rebuild kits? I am assuming Honda sells a kit with gaskets and new "wear parts". -Vinnie
  3. Vinnie11

    XR80 Carb help needed

    Well I have searched the archives, finally had to register and post a new one. Sorry for the long post, just had to include as many details as I could think of. I just bought a 1990 XR80, stock. I'd like to fix it up for the kids, not a racer, just a backyard bike. It has been well used, but runs, does not smoke, starts on first kick. Since it has been stored in a barn for some unknown period of time, I pulled the carb and dissassembled it, used 2 cans of carb cleaner and compressed air to clean out the rust and crud. I made sure all the tiny holes were clear, did not use any wires or picks on the orfices. Also installed a new O ring between the carb and the manifold. The large needle valve and other jets look pretty good to me, no scars or grooves. I cleaned the wire mesh filter and installed a new foam filter, and a new spark plug. After installing the carb back on the bike, it started fairly quickly. My local Honda dealer was nice enough to photocopy the section from the Honda Manual for servicing and adjusting the carb. I rode the bike around the yard to warm it up before fine tuning the idle and air jets. I backed the air jet out 1 1/2 - 1 3/4 as described in the manual, and after tweeking it a bit, I can get it to take the gas when I chop the throttle. The problem is that I can't get it to idle. I can turn the idle screw all the way in unti it stops and it still will not idle, no change in rpm from full in to full out. I can just crack the throttle grip and make it idle, but it is not smooth. I can't figure out what is happening. The spark is a crackling blue. The nut where the the cable connects to the carb is tight, the gasket under the nut is in good shape. I feel like I am close to getting it to run right, just missing something. After it is hot, I twist the throttle about 1/8th of the range and it fires up on first kick. Any help is appreciated. -Vinnie