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    Latte in my engine oil

    I took the bike for a 30min blast. Bounced off the rev limiter in every gear about a dozen times - which is how i normally ride anyway. I drained the oil again 4 hours later and a very small amount of latte (about half a tea spoon) came out first followed by the brown stuff. No change to the fluids in the radiator. But i guess a few drops wouldn't have made a visual difference. The bike lives in my garage. No water incursion is possible. I normally change the oil and filter every 1000kms as i do ride hard. Compression checked out normal. Gear change was smooth in fresh oil. Don't know if the gear box has contribute to the problem. I will put fresh oil in again and trash it hard tomorrow and see what happens. -Tony
  2. Lord Ilomen

    Latte in my engine oil

    Thanks for the advice guys. I have already changed the oil and filter and will take it for a blast tomorrow and drain the oil again to looksee. Bike was a bit hard to start though but jetting seems fine. I have never washed the bike or drowned it yet Coolant level ok. Wife and bike are mutually exclusive Will let you guy know tomorrow. -Tony
  3. Lord Ilomen

    Latte in my engine oil

    G'day, I need some advice. I just drained my engine oil (DRZ400E 02') and found some latte looking fluids pouring out followed by the usual black stuff. Not much say about 40ml. The bike have been sitting in my garage for 3 months. It's obvious that water have found a way in. Can this be a result of condensation? It's hot and humid here. How should i proceed? Thanks! -Tony