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  1. hondatrx91

    Good deal for 2008 KTM 450XC?

    im a honda guy through and through but that is definately a killer deal. i rode an xc when it first came out and thought it was a good machine. its a KTM your not gonna have any major problems as long as you keep up on the maintanence. the ktm comes the the best shocks money can buy and basically everything else is to of the line. cant go wrong, only reason i dont own one is cause there still like 9g hear in ohio. i can build a badass 450r for 9g
  2. hondatrx91

    Replacing cases on '08 KFX 450

    i had the same problem on my honda a few years ago at a gncc. i didnt have time to change the cases out before the next race so i put JB WELD over the crack and suprisingly the guy that bought it from me still hasn't had any leaks. mine was pretty much the same situation, only leaked when it was cold
  3. hondatrx91

    450R Trade Plastics??

    too bad its an 05 and not an 06 or newer. ive been thinking about goin orange or yellow
  4. hondatrx91

    Payouts in your class?

    in ohio district 11 makes all the promoters pay 100% to A class. usually for big races they will pay 150 to try and get a turn out
  5. hondatrx91

    ltr 450 yfz 450 or kxf 450

    but price wise you cant beat the polaris. there almost giving them away right now
  6. hondatrx91

    ltr 450 yfz 450 or kxf 450

    I currently race a TRX 450r in the GNCC series and love it. Almost no problems that were not self inflicted. I've reciently seen alot of guys starting to ride the can am's and they all like them from what ive heard but a bit pricey. The ltr has proven to be a great bike in the woods with some mods. The Yamaha has basically been the standards for the class followed by honda trail wise since day one. My experience with the kaw has been nothing but bad. Great engineering but its seems like there made of play doh. Something to look into maybe is the Polaris predator mx. Most people dont like them but they have came a long way since there intro and are really comfortable. if i was to buy again, which im not due till 2011, i would probably go with the yam. or the ltr. due to there track readyness from the showroom. if you go with the yam get the R.
  7. thats a pretty rare thing to buy for an atv, especially a utility. I'm sponsored by IMS though and they make fuel tanks and numerous other things for atv's. let me talk to my rep and see if maybe he can find somethin or point me in the direction to find ya one. that price is pretty crazy
  8. hondatrx91

    honda screwed up the 450r

    maybe on of the lamest posts ive seen in a while. if you cant start it then dont ride it. ive raced GNCC's for years which is dead engine start and i start mine sitting down. after a couple minor mods it is just as fast as any 450 out there. not to mention that unlike the other 450's it is virtually bullet proof, no other brand can clame that cause everyone but honda has a clame to problems
  9. hondatrx91

    Trail Quad for Wife

    yeha the 250EX is a great choice if you wana go slightly sporty. only problem i think with the 250ex is that people get bored with them very fast. If your looking utility wise i would probably go with the Honda Rancher. You can get them in 2 or 4 wheel drive. i had an 01 rancher and took it to hell and back severl times and all i ever did was change the oil. i did have to change a wheel bearing cause i got it in some pretty nasty sand and water several times but besides that bullet proof. you can also get the ES model which has push button shift but all of them are semi auto which means there is a shifter but no clutch. the older models are 350's but i think they went to a 400 in 02 or 03 and the new ones are 420. which ever model you choose go with Honda. Honda's are all bullet proof.
  10. hondatrx91

    race ready 300 ex for sale! national bike

    nice pics, def looks like it was the shit in its day. only prob selling it is you can buy a 04 or 05 450r for 3000 and spend the extra 1500 or even go 500 extra in and have a nice R.
  11. hondatrx91

    will 2005 450r slip-on fit 2007 450r?

    definately not. i had the same issue going from an 05 to an 08. my engine builder here in ohio tried to do it for me so i didnt have to buy a new pipe. there are a couple changes engine wise on the 06 and new models and the old pipes arent tuned for them. i know it sucks. 2008 450r blingstar nerfs, iron cross bumper, and rear grab Full HMF comp series FOX evol shocks tuned by GT Thunder to many more to list, basically its a full XC mod
  12. hondatrx91

    trx400 or 450

    i cleared 65ft. on my 05 and it was a brutal landing. plenty of power but the stock suspension sucks i have a 2008 now which i began to build this winter as soon as i bought it so ill never know with the new motor changes and minor suspension stuff.
  13. hondatrx91

    Honda kill switch problem

    i just put a pro armor kill switch on my 08 450r. the instructions said to wire it into the stator but instead i wired it into the factory switch and im getin an electrical charge out of the metal piece on the switch. any advice on how to wire this the right way so i dont have this problem.
  14. hondatrx91

    450 trans problem

    that would be my first guess as well. fair warning unless your a pretty good mechanic and have experience in gear box's i would take it to a shop. there are so many small springs and other pieces youll go nuts putting it together. i learned that the hard way on my 450r
  15. hondatrx91

    Sportquad tires for the back

    if you cant keep air in them than there not on bead all the way. 6 ply tires are tought to get on sometimes. put about 40 lbs. of air in them and bounce them off the ground till they pop really loud. then drop the psi to between 4 and 5 lbs.