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    Scotts Triple Clamp on WR-Electrical Stuff

    My teachers used to tell me there were no dumb questions, but maybe this one was??? I'm just Looking for advice for dealing with the electrical connections with the Scotts Triple clamp on the '03 WR without the wire bracket that was on the bottom of the stock clamp that the connectors rigid-mounted to. Maybe the answer is just zip-ty together and go? Thanks for any help on a dumb question.
  2. '03 WR250F - finally getting around to mounting Scotts Triple Clamp and Damper I've had on the shelf for 6 months (bought the damper used from a friend but clamp/mounting kit for WR is new). Looks like there are no bolt holes for the wire bracket that spans the bottom of the stock clamp for the elec. connections, etc. Odometer either, but I am taking that off anyway since cable has been gone for awhile now. I have searched and read most posts on the subject but haven't seen a direct answer to my question here about how to accomodate all the wire connections without this bracket, so any help would be appreciated. Headlight is still on. Thanks all ---
  3. Correction. It is 2007 !
  4. This is a 2002 post with no replies and here it is 2006, but I am facing this exact problem on my 2003 WR. Haven't pulled everything apart yet, just eyeballing with the Scotts upper clamp and bar mounts. Looks like my Pro Taper bars will set 1 1/2" lower than where they are now, and about 1/2" lower than where stock bars mounted. I'm almost 6'1" so this may be a problem. Rudy, did you solve your problem here back in '02. Anybody else? Thanks all.
  5. slowandsteady

    '03 Starting Problem

    I think I confused the issue a little bit. By "cold" I meant when hasn't been started in over 10 or 15 minutes, not cold temps outside. It won't start except by bump starting unless starting within a few minutes after last shutting her down regardless of hot, perfect, or cold weather. I think you're right grayracer, its probably valves and I'm just in denial. But since my shop guy brought it up to me as a possibility, I would appreciate confirmation, for now and possible future problems, that the WR should still be able to be kickstarted with a weak, dead, or no battery. Anyone ? Thanks.
  6. slowandsteady

    '03 Starting Problem

    Thanks guys, this is my original post even though I had signed on under my son (spiffo2077) at home to post the question because I had forgotten my password. I have kicked and kicked and had others kick and kick, don't know really how long. Up to this point this bike has always started with button, except when wouldn't start at all, and I never had to kick it. I'm just hoping might be something simple like battery and not valves again this soon so was trying to get clarification that bike will or will not kickstart with a weak battery. I think the answer is yes it should, but maybe there is a situation when it won't. When I get time, I will try charging it and test the concept regardless. So still wondering if ok to charge with a constant voltage charger on the 2-amp setting ? Thanks again for these and any other ideas or thoughts anyone has.