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  1. Hi there, I need to order inserts for the bars and they want to know how many mm the inside diameter is. I'm not home to measure. Does anyone know? It's stock bars.
  2. Hi there, Where I'm from, we need to display offroad plates if we want to use some of the awesome county trails. Any suggestions on where would be a nice place to locate a plate on the KLX110L? It doesn't have to be lit or anything, and I'd like to avoid drilling into the plastics if at all possible. Thoughts?
  3. Ewww, clean bike!
  4. I too haven't had a battery issue yet, and I've stalled it out quite a bit on trails and thought for sure my batter would be dead. Nope. I did however replace my tail light with an LED to reduce running load (save a few watts of power) and I'm going to put a switch in to turn off the headlight when I'm not on the road.
  5. Ok, I know what you are refering to, it almost sounds like a diesel. This is much higher rpm. I'd almost say it was the cam chain, but would like to assume it's the final drive chain.
  6. Do we have a pic available for reference?
  7. How much does your chains rattle when driving on the highway? I'll be buzzing along and there will be a loud rattle, if I slow down a bit it goes away. It seems to hit at a certain harmonic (chain speed?). I don't want to tighten my chain anymore as I beleive it is the way it should be (given the wide range the rear tire travels). Suggestions? Is there a lever that I might be missing that keeps tension on the chain?
  8. I'm in Hamilton. I've been out 3 times this year. Tomorrow is a day event. We are either doing turkey point, or welland canal. Should be fun.
  9. I looked on line and it says it costs 400 bucks a year? Holy cow. I couldn't fathom paying that much for the few times I'd get to use it. Damn.
  10. I just spray sticky lube on the stantion and then compress. It'll go into the seal and take out the dirt with it. You have to do it a few times.
  11. Why not just unplug it and jump the plug instead?
  12. I'm in Hamilton, I don't have a list, but if you are going out let me know and I'll come along. mreid(at)anitteb.com
  13. Yah, that's hot. I'd snag that. If for no other reasons than visability and amp draw.
  14. Very impressive! So do the locals speak english for the most part? Did you have any language barriers? I noticed the warning signs and stuff were bilinqual. When are you posting day 9 - 12? And what do these guys do that allow them to take a month off work?
  15. There is a pdf around somewhere of a no-name brand self done power now. James now or something like that. I've got the .pdf if someone wants it. I haven't tried it myself so I don't know if I would trust it. Make sure you have a spare intake to play with.