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  1. well i spoke to jessie(supercool guy) at keintech about a few things. he recomended i grease the steering head bearings since the factory stuff wears off because of the heat from oil in frame set-up. i havnt had time to check it yet. i will keep you posted and let you know what i find out.
  2. i heard you use 2, at opposite ends, they cancel each other out. i ride pretty hard on the street and the trails. at what pressures do you think rim locks wld be necessary?hey flboy,i bet that ktoom is a blast. i wld love to get one of those puppies registered for the street. maybe a 525 though. there just about the same size and weight,arnt they?was it difficult to get it registered in florida? hows it work in the dirt? whats it like on the street?
  3. p.s. where did you get your superbrace? i know it didnt solve your headshake,but did it make the front end feel more planted. with my forks set so soft it makes them feel like a wet noodle.
  4. that damper looks like a sweet set up. i have also heard lots of people having issues with the drz-400. i guess its just a suspension geometry issue. if i pin the tank with my knees and scootch back on the seat it helps. i filled the tires with the proper air pressure and all it did was make for a harsher ride. unless the frnt forks are set super soft i get little jolts to the bars. i dont know if a fork brace might help that or not(probably not). i heard the damper will though. i know the damper will fix the high speed wobble. if i get the damper set properly for high speed does it affect low speed steering and lock to lock effort? thanks for all the great advise guys!
  5. thats a good idea about the tire. i have actually had bikes that were previously owned and the tire wasnt even seated on the bead completely. i dont know of another dr i can swap wheels with. i just purchased some avon gripster tires. ill get the rim checked for trueness/spokes tightened and tire ballanced.
  6. i understand what you are saying. ive set this thing up every way possible-soft hard lowered raised. the only way it gets quelled is by putting pressure on the bars and a tight grip. im thinkin its either the full knobby tires, or a ballance issue/wheel not true. possibly a wheel bearing but i dont think so.
  7. well i went for a ride today to try to figure a few things out. i adjusted my clutch and frnt brake levers to where i can use one finger on each most of the time. that gave me more control of the bars,which seam to need a pretty good grip to steer. this thing just seams to want a bear hug and muscled around. i think if i get some bar risers this will take some weight off my wrists and i can sit more upright. with the clutch adjusted take offs are a little smoother now. im smoother with the frnt brake too. i got the suspension set pretty soft. its not pounding the begeesus out of me anymore. with the frnt brake adjsted as such and only using one finger i dont have real bad brake dive as before(not as grabby and easier to modulate). i havnt taken any decent jumps yet. i hope the suspension doesnt bottom out cause if i have to go stiffer on the rear spring the ride becomes very harsh. i think if the seat were a bit wider it wld give better support. ive seen some corbins that look wider through the midrift. anybody out there have any experience with the corbins or other gel seats?
  8. well i went for a ride today and when i scouched back on the seat(which put some weight on the back) it put some weight on my wrists/bars that quelled a lot of the shimmy. i think a steering dampner is in my future(scotts). anybody know if there are issues with a scotts dampner being bolted or welded to a dr frame(cause of the oil being run through it)? will i need bar risers so i can mount it under the bars?
  9. that is definitely a possibility. my mechanic buddy and i did a guestimate balance job. it made it much worse,so we took the weight off. i dont care what tire you run off road/ on. at highr speeds its gonna matter! maybe its actually the rear tire. we didnt mess with that one. neither of the tires have any weights on them. the steering bearings dont seam to have excessive play either.
  10. i can just about idle in frst gear. it dsnt bog really it just takes a second to clear its throat. then bang. i was thinkin there was too much slack in the chain so i adjusted it tighter by one notch. that made it too tight on full compression. so it was adjusted right to begin with so i put it back.
  11. i was thinkin maybe a milder cam(less peaky) with some more midrange. then i cld regear it without loosing any punch down low. besides at 65 or70 she's screaming and buzzin pretty good.
  12. you know its not that i cant handle it. i just dont want too. maybe i should sell it. i was just hoping some people had some ideas. maybe its not worth the hassle. i have owned many suzukis and have been very happy with them. i wld hate to have to go with another brand.
  13. i got a dr350se. this things a bucking bronco! i thought i was buying a smooth suzuki, not a kawasuky(jj). the suspension is either mushy or too stiff.the clutch is stiff with a very abrupt engagement band.i put on a keintech piece to soften it but makes the engagement issue even worse. the brakes are strong but come in too quick. the power band is peaky too. and off idle throttle response is too fast with a good amount of driveline lash. this thing either wants full throttle or nothin. that may be great for racing but i want a street bike that can handle some trails. any ideas on how to smooth this puppy out? maybe a cam with a more linear powerband? oh, and the gearing is tight too! this thing rips through the gears.(that is kinda fun though). but seriously,i thought smooth was fast. this thing just rips and makes me do bad things. im gonna get hurt too if im not carefull. any help wld be appreciated.
  14. i got a suzuki dr350se with bad headshake at anything over 65 mph. i have full knobby tires front and rear. wld more street friendly tires help, or do i need a steering dampner?
  15. i was trying to find an article on line for a clutch fix on dr 350's. if i remember correctly they spoke of some washers that get worn,then cause creep,and difficulty finding neutral. i cant for the life of me remember where it was. if anybody knows please let me know the web address. i know this isn't exactly the right place to post this but it is a dualsport. actually im not getting any creep,but neutral is hard to find and i think it feels like the clutch is slipping(just the slightest bit) at higher rpm where the power really kicks in. i just got the bike. it only has 400 miles on it. it obviously sat for a while. its a 94.actually the more i think about it the trans isnt even broken in yet. maybe ill just do an oil change if it needs it and ride it a bit to see if the tranny will loosen up a bit. when i got it the clutch lever was loose(just wondering if it wasn't engaging fully when depressed and causing wear?). the previous owner didnt know much about bikes. well thanks in advance for any response.