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  1. FmFRacer

    Most modded and best looking contest.

    No after market rims o well
  2. FmFRacer

    Tranny oils been dirty, now metal in it!

    Well the only problem with that is you have the possibility of bearings being ruined. Even the slightest bit of metal in them will trash them, then your asking for bigger problems. I had the rod bearing go out on me and it sent lots of little metal shavings into the transmission bearings and ruined them all. I actually thought there were ok till my mechanic looked at it and said they were shot. The tiniest bit of drag ruins them. So you might wanna watch that you dont want a main bearing goin out on you that could be big problems.
  3. FmFRacer

    Breakin in fresh top end

    alright thanks guys and ya I am gettin the cylinder honed and im not a newbie just a newbie to 4 strokes did plentttyyy of rebuilding on my 125 and did you say turn it over by hand 100-150 times!! cuz thats alot lol
  4. FmFRacer

    Breakin in fresh top end

    Ok well im in process of putting in a new top end (both piston and valves) and a new crank because the rod bearing shatterd and screwed up everything but o well My question is break in time on a 4 stroke. With the way things are lookin im not goning to have time to break in the motor befor my race sunday. I race novice so the motor is going to be run hard so will riding around on there trails just to run the motor and maybe slow laps during practice be enough or should I just hold off and not race.
  5. FmFRacer

    bike is leaking oil

    you jack you dont need to make 3 of the same damn posts ok your just flooding the boards if someone knows how to fix your problem they will tell you if you dont get an immidiate response dont make another post ok im sorry for being so mean lol
  6. FmFRacer

    Whats the most commonly broke item on this bike??

    or you could just get an aluminum throttle
  7. FmFRacer

    Pics of your CRF 250's

    Heres mine after a good clean and new set of graphics and as for you guy sayin that clean bikes means you dont ride ya I dont know about the other people here but I ride 2-4 times a week and still keep my bike lookin good http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v252/FmFRacer405/8.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v252/FmFRacer405/7.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v252/FmFRacer405/5.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v252/FmFRacer405/5.jpg
  8. FmFRacer

    Valve adjustment

    YA YOU JERK same thing happend to me i think you lied to us i think you need to pay for the repairs its gonna be like $8000 PM me and well set up a way for you to wire the money
  9. FmFRacer

    can i lap in kibblewhite valves??

    DO NOT LAP THE VAVLES me and my mechanics learned the hard way you might as well take a hand full of dirt and dump it into your motor just dont do it
  10. FmFRacer

    Whats the most commonly broke item on this bike??

    levers, radiator, 2 sub frames, throttle, bars, front rotor, left radiator shroud, and just last friday the crank o and jacked up rims
  11. FmFRacer

    which ones are the best?????

    are you kidding me 100hrs how in the hell did u get a pistion to last 100hrs do you never get the bike out of 3rd gear
  12. uh oh ya i always waited for the bike to be warm danm that sucks to know i basically my bottom end because i was to stupid to read the manual
  13. Ok so i recently seized my crank at the track last friday and i was wondering how you guys check your oil? do you screw it all the way in or just sit it down in there then check it because iv been screwing mine all the way in and if thats wrong im running about half the amount of oil i need im runnin what the book says but ya i just want an awsner to why my damn crank seized after only 8 months of riding and good mantinance
  14. FmFRacer

    crankshaft bearing??

    ya thats what i figured thanks man
  15. FmFRacer

    crankshaft bearing??

    ok someone please help