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  1. YEAHOOOOO!!! Corgrats bro!!
  2. I wear a digital watch & I'm left handed..could ya point me in right direction???
  3. Post deleted, no reason beating your head ...
  4. Terrible, just terrible.. trees & rocks, no dust and hardly any other riders around to run into, worst ride I'd ever been on. I'm headin' on back down to Hollister from now on, TONS more fun!
  5. The hell it ain't! I love watchin' the "BOB" maneuver his big ol' Huzawhat'sitz ass down the threes, crashing and whining afterwards- gives me moral insight & spiritual rejuvenation! Pickles work better in two strokes.. D
  6. Check here for starters.. http://www.moto-pro.com/mybike.asp
  7. Ditto on the steath- good stuff!
  8. Lee & I'll be there Sat, can do?
  9. I used to ride cow with Tirebiter's wife- now that he's been KICKED OFF TT, and the new format & all the advertisement stuck in the posts SUCK, You guys can getta hold of me over at ADVrider- where adults hang out... See ya on the trails, Dan (Tirebiter)
  10. Are you talking about the drain bolt under the header? Lemme check my manual, I'll be right back.. Loctite & 10nm.
  11. Found a current plate and frame today, still attached to plastic bits. The frame says "Fator's Suzuki" with a Redding phone#.. If this is your plate, shoot me a PM with the license plate number and your address- I'll send it to ya..
  12. I've had the same problem. Take the shock off, put it in a vise upside down. VERY carefully remove that small rubber plug smack dab in the middle of the yoke- Try a pair of tweezers to get it out- if ya push it in, yer screwed. After you get the plug out, and the shock's still upside down in the vise, spray silicone lubricant down the hole and let it sit for an hour. Then spray more silicone lube and let it sit for another hour, and repeat for another couple of times. Patience, it'll free up eventually, unless there's an internal problem with your shock. Use Silicone lube, harsher chemicals might cause more harm than good.
  13. I'm in the SF bay area, were ya at? If your close, I'd be happy to lend a hand..
  14. Naw, save your money. Ya just gotta wait till it gets cool up there. It ain't the bike it's the temps- nothin's gonna work, trust me. BTW, you see an ol' geezer & is darlin' wife during your trip? We were there..