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  1. Nope didn't move. I am where I've always been. Would you be able to explain what a bleed tab is? Are you taking about theose motion pro bleeders that screw into the bleeder hole?
  2. I have a set of subtanks. But I would like to know if there are any adapters anywhere, so that I can run my subtanks without having to drill and tap my fork caps.
  3. RideRaceLive123

    Good old 06

    How many hours on it? Any engine work done to it? Thats crazy, a pro keeping there bike for 3 seasons...thats not too common. 2 years but not 3 years.
  4. Can you? What about just for like 10 minutes to try to try something real quick?
  5. RideRaceLive123

    Dusty Klatt???

    There ballers, what are you talking about? ROYAL DISTRIBUTING HHHHOOOOOOOLLLLLLLSSSHHHAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTT....lol And they actually know stuff about riding. so you would rather have Ralph Shaheen(sp?)?
  6. RideRaceLive123

    Dusty Klatt???

    Even tho watching Canadian nationals on tv is alot funner to watch than US MX and SX on tv. Dusty got nothing on us, US boys. The speed is way different here in the US than it is in Canada. Like look at the 250F class last week, Willard and Sorby are midpack riders here in the US but they won over in Canada. Even tho that would be sick to see Dusty get podium's constistenly(sp?), I don't think its possible.
  7. RideRaceLive123

    dry ring assembly

    do you kick it over like 40 times with out the sparkplug before you start, like some people do on here(including me)?
  8. RideRaceLive123

    Home made bike tools

    get a old steel and fiber clutch plate. drill them and then bolt them together. I read about it in dirtrider mag and it only took me 5 minutes. Its soo much easier this way than it would be using a strap wrench.
  9. RideRaceLive123

    Best van for moto?

    man Eddie that thing is sick. but I need to get a passenger van not a cargo van. So will a passenger van still work as a moto van? So the astro is reliable? alternator, fuel pump, tranny and that kind of stuff is reliable? Also what kind of gas mileage would I expect for a astro? 17mpg on a light foot?
  10. RideRaceLive123

    Just scored some trick parts...

    lol I'm in san jose area. do they have any like general parts that fit any bike(grip, tires, bars, etc.) or wheels left or anything for RM's?
  11. RideRaceLive123

    Just scored some trick parts...

    what store? do they still have stuff good stuff left, if I went tomorrow?
  12. RideRaceLive123

    I am a idiot.

    until you get it revalved. I'd turn running like the compression at 12 clicks out. Then put in 5cc of oil in the forks until it stops bottoming.
  13. RideRaceLive123

    I am a idiot.

    I've given up on trying enough bottom end out of my pretty much stock 250 for MX. It will never have the bottom end of a 450 unless you mod it out(porting, etc). so for me....right now I'm running 14/49 for mx. The thing is I don't feel much of a difference in bottom end power between 13/49 and 14/49. But with 14/49 is pulls forever where with 13/49 it goes flat quite abit earlier..
  14. RideRaceLive123

    I am a idiot.

    maybe try feathering it one time in a corner. instead of just dumping it. might help so you don't have to dump it 2-3x in a corner.
  15. RideRaceLive123

    I am a idiot.

    no need to use the clutch on 250 2-stroke??? man....where am I? I must be on a car forum or harley davidison forum? because no need to use a clutch on 2-stroke?!? I guess I need to call up Ricky Carmichael and 99% of the other pros, and tell them they are riding wrong too. And that they should just use to learn how to just use the throttle. I'm soo much faster using the clutch and being a gear high because: -you can control the rear wheel easier if its sliding out or if you are wheelying out of the corner instead of having to let off the throttle. -you gain traction(thats just my opinion tho) -you don't have to shift right out of the corner and possibily before a jump face -its smoother.