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  1. Race Dezert

    2007 kx450f, no start..alot of back firing

    Had the same problem it could be the "fly wheel" (magneto) I lost all power to stator fo no reason at all. had the same prob..
  2. Race Dezert

    How many miles can I expect out of the IMS 2.7 gal tank?

    I have an 07 and get 70-80 miles
  3. Race Dezert

    pressing bearings

    I just pressed new bearings in the linkage and swingarm. There is a little play with the inner rod, in one location, is it possible I pressed the bearings in to far? the rod slides back and forth a little. is this possible and what will it effect?
  4. Race Dezert

    Head lights

    Thanks for all the info Kxvett that is really intense. I have tried differnet set ups as well all summer and back to square 1.. Owell I use the same batteries from cyclops 4 to be exact ziptied in my airbox wired to a 35 watt Hid and get just over 5 hours before they die. And trust me you dont want to be hauln arse because the HID doesnt fade just goes out. Back to the drawing board thanks again!
  5. Race Dezert

    06 KX450F what to look out for

    smoookin trade.. go for it. as long as the bike fires up and has a snappy trottle response all shuld be good!
  6. Race Dezert

    Engine Rebuilding

    STICK WITH OEM everything
  7. Race Dezert

    klx tank interchange to kxf???

    go with IMS or Clarke. I have both on my bikes. 06 & 08 the clarke I can get up to 80 miles easily out of a tank & thats a good ride IMO..
  8. Race Dezert

    Head lights

    Thats a very good write up.. So are you still mounting those to the bars? Would be awsome to see a video, Like you said the 450f is almost impossible when it comes to lighting. I ride/race the open desert so alot of light is critical. But as you know those batteries are $$$$ spendy and I have 6 total. So to get something off a stator would be great, endless light as we are on a time limited now! How much time does 1 battery run those lights? I live in Vegas so night riding goes way into oct/nov. & back in march/april.. I have decided to take a little more time and research for the future anyhow.
  9. Race Dezert

    Head lights

    Hey thanks Vett, that is great info. I am using 4 cyclops batteries in my air box and 35 watt 8" HID getting 4 hrs 45 minutes light time. I spoke to Chuck at Stealhy & BD. That stator puts out 45 watts but not sure what amps I know my charger is low amps like 0.9 or 1.8 trickle charge. Anyway Im gonna call Darryl at Cyclops and pick his brain. Thanks for the info! Do you have a link to your write up I would like to read it.
  10. Race Dezert

    Stainless Exh. valves kx450f

    I personally had my issues with them. They broke the head of 1 valve within 15 hours ruining the head the cylinder and bent the rod so it was $$$$$ just after a new full rebuild! Stick to OEM check ebay you can find awsome deals!
  11. Race Dezert

    rutted turns

    From all the clinics Ive been to and practicing I almost put my nards on the tank look all the way through and most important ride the front brake a little that keeps your front tire in the rut its hard to get used to but has paid off. My corner speed feels like it doubled.
  12. Race Dezert

    how far on a desert tank? and stock?

    Really? wow! On my 06 & 07 with 2.9 tank I get around 80 miles. And with stock I get around 50 miles.
  13. Race Dezert

    Head lights

    No I have'nt bought one just yet I am checking all options. That one sounds pretty good I might get that and run through a battery to head light so its a constant charge..
  14. Race Dezert

    Head lights

    That might just be the ticket 650 I will call him this afternoon and pick his brian! Thanks
  15. Race Dezert

    Head lights

    Oh you should try the night races they are a blast!!! PM sent & thanks 650 I will check into that!