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  1. ironlion37

    Uncorking Airbox

    to upen up ur airbox all u have to do is remove ur seat and pop of the snorkel andrubber lining, the snorkel is the rectangular piece right on top of the box. to uncorked ur exhaust u just need to remove the 3 bolts that are on the spark aresstor, pull it out. then use a hex to remove the baffle its the little screw on the tip of the aresstor remove that and put everything back together and u should be golden. should only take u like 25 mins at the most. good luck
  2. ironlion37

    red tires

    whats up everyone? , does anyone know where i can get a hold of some red tires for my 05 crf150f??? a website may a name brand??? thx all in advanced
  3. ironlion37

    whats wrong??

    hello everyone, my friend just bought a baja dirt bike from pepboys its a 125cc and the damn thing came unadjusted like the carb, idle speed fuel air mixture etc. so i tried to adjust his bike by ear i would start my crf150 and kinda make his bike sound similar by adjusting his idle and what not. it seemed to be fine until we went riding and his bike slowly died while it was running. for example we would stop tot talk for a sec and his bike would slowly sputter till the bike dies. and also when he starts it to let it warm up the bike will start to rev up and idle high on its own. any suggestions on how i can fix the problem??
  4. ironlion37

    trailtech computer

    i just installed my trailtech a few days ago, in the instructions they tell u to drill a 1/8 inch hole into the bottom of ur front caliper to mount the magnetic sensor. i dont know about u but i thought it would be a pain to drill a hole there and plus if u take off the caliper to do it it may take a little time. so i went another route to mount the sensor. i just put epoxy on the sensor and on the bottom of the caliper and held it there till the epoxy dried, i thought it was alot easier this way. the mouniting of the rest of the stuff is really easy just a few zip ties to keep the cable from flopping around and a few screws to mount the screen. its really easy to install it took me like 10 mins.
  5. ironlion37

    fuel screw

    i was wondering where the fuel screw was on the 05 crf150f?? i was told it was on the under side of the carb and towards the front, also does any one know how to adjust it?? clockwise or counter for more or less fuel ?? thx and merry xmas