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  1. kargo27

    Why a Jet Kit???

    I'm no jetting expert but am mechanically inclined and I hesitated buying a JD Jet kit for years....at first. After I put one on and saw what a motor is SUPPOSED to run like, I'd never go back. In my opinion, it's well worth the money in saving time and trips back to the bike shop for jets/needles. The JD Jet kit comes with a tapered, 2 stage needle, IIRC which is one you can't get from a Yamaha dealer. James Dean (JD) will personally answer any questions you have about your kit, too. I've emailed him many times and he's been quick to answer any questions I've had. Great guy, great product.
  2. kargo27

    FMF Stealth and jetting ?

    Krazy, I must be near you in TX. I'm in Ft Worth and ride Red River Motorcycle Trails in Bulcher. If it's any consolation, what g says sounds about right. I have a 2005 300 MXC and it used to spooge really bad. I added the JD Jet Kit and am using the red needle and it still does spooge a tiny bit from the tip of the exhaust, but only about the volume of maybe 1/2 thimble full. It smokes very little now, too. I'm running the FMF Q with spark arrestor and FMF Gnarly pipe. Karl
  3. kargo27

    Best 2-stroke pipe guard

    Why not try these guys if you like your current pipe....... http://www.piperepair.com/
  4. kargo27

    02 yz250f backfirind on decceleration

    And the pilot circuit is always feeding the engine no matter where the throttle position is. So, it's the starting point for jetting a carb as well. Like the guys stated, if no air leaks are found, try adjusting your fuel screw and if needed....put in a larger pilot jet.
  5. kargo27

    Jetting, trail vs. WFO (dunes, etc)

    The JD Jet kits come with instructions for all elevations and temps. You can also email James Dean if you run into any issues.
  6. Well, the bike definitely does it while it's warm. I'm wondering if it's about to overheat. I don't see the rad boiling over and I have a clear overflow line that I monitor. Yes, I don't adjust spooge by changing oil to fuel ratio. That's not a fix. I run 50:1 AMSOIL Interceptor oil and with a JD Jetting Kit jetted for my elevation. I probably could drop the pilot jet a size because I do get a little bit of spooge at the exhaust tip. The bike also came with an aftermarket air screw but the weird thing is that it ohly turns OUT 1.5 turns max from the seated position. The expansion chamber o-rings are tight against the motor and seal perfectly. I'm not getting any leakage past them. I'm just going to pull the head and check the con rod and associated bearings. Thanks guys for all suggestions! Karl
  7. Since I've had it, I've only put about 4 hours max on it. My total guess would be that the motor has 100-150 hours on it, but I have nothing to back up why I would think that. What is pipe bang? I put a brand new FMF Gnarly pipe and PowerCore Q silencer on it. No leaks or spooge coming from the point between the exhaust outlet on the motor and the expansion chamber. I haven't pulled the plug but I will and get back with the info. I also just put a JD Jetting Kit on it because it was spooging pretty bad. The spooge has been reduced significantly....it's not spraying drops on the fender, tire, etc, but it I am getting some running down the exhaust tip about 3 inches. I'll probably drop the pilot jet a size, too. I used to have tons of time to work on my bikes. As of late, our 3 year old was diagnosed with autism and requiring much attention from me and my wife (who's going through treatment for cancer). So, I don't have the hours to spend like I used to. (sigh) I was hoping to have some time-friendly troubleshooting techniques to expend before pulling the top end. My wife gets pissed if I'm out there too long. 8 hours for me is not uncommon, LOL! Karl
  8. kargo27

    Smokey smoker problem solved!

    Congrats on finding the issue!
  9. Thanks for all your responses. I also posted this question on KTM Talk. It does kind of sound like a predetonation "knock" like you'd hear on a 4 stroke car motor. Do our 2 strokes have this problem? I've never heard of a 2 stroke knocking. The sound is definitely intermittent and has me puzzled. I may tear into the top end and check the play of the crank but I'd sure like to eliminate all other possibilities before having to do that. The bike was in fair condition when I got it and I replaced a lot of parts on it. The previous owner I bought it from said that it had a new top end. I don't know if this is the first top end, second, or more. That's the problem, I don't know the full history of the bike.
  10. I am the 3rd (or more) owner of an 05 300 MXC and I'm hearing a knocking sound. The sound is irregular in occurence and isn't heard at higher speeds or when the engine is in the powerband. I do hear the occassional knock when running the bike in trails a little above idle speed and under some load but not necessarily under a heavy load. So, I'm wondering if it's the bottom end going out. At first I thought it was chain slap and to be honest, can't verify that it isn't. But I do have my chain tightened to specs. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks, Karl
  11. kargo27

    "The Mighty KX 500"

    My wife has given up on me regarding my bikes. She used to get mad but not anymore. She's found other things to get mad at me about/for. Nice bikes, all 3! Have fun and looking forward to your pics on polishing the 500 up!
  12. kargo27

    Does anybody know where i can get these???

    OMG, that looks horrible! (The 4-stroke, not the graphics!) :lol:
  13. kargo27

    starting promblem

    Does it feel like the throttle cable is hanging/sticking? If not, sounds to me like your pilot jet may be too lean, given that you changed reeds. Try adjusting your air screw in a bit and if that doesn't work, check the pilot jet for clogs. If the pilot is clear, then try increasing the pilot a size.
  14. Motul recommends running that 800 at 50:1. Maybe your bike is just shy. :-)
  15. kargo27

    How bad can Reed's effect performance

    1000k6, As for the spooge, on my KX250 I dropped pilot the pilot jet from a #45 to a #40. So, you may want to get a couple of smaller pilots and try them out. A well jetted bike will smoke very little, if at all once warmed up. Just look at the pro's bikes. Chokey and some of the other guys can give you some advice on jetting. I don't know what jetting on decel would be. I'd guess pilot since your throttle is closed and the main is shut but I'm still learning about all this stuff. I'm going to put a plug in for JD Jetting again. That kit has really awaken my bike's power. It's one of the cheapest, most noticable gains that I've done in mine. Karl