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  1. Suggested Jetting for: 2005 CRF450X Athena 488 Ported R head, SS Valves, HC stage 2 Opened Airbox FMF Factory 4 900 - 1200 ft elevation 85 to 125 deg F ambient temp Thread search points towards something like 165/45 jets. Does this sound right?
  2. strewthbut

    Small GPS

    Yea actually I have 1200 ks of dirt n dust & a 50k/hr flipout on it without ill effect. No doubt it will break if I leave mounted as is where is, but like i said, I'm just mucking around with it. If I like(& Im starting to) then I'll machine a better housing & shock mounting for it.
  3. strewthbut

    Small GPS

    Im mucking around with GPS's at the mo on my bike. Trialling a 3.5" car navigator hacked with OziCE for a total cost of $240 Aussie. Can put any maps I want on it, just gotta get some more protection for it before I flip the bike again....
  4. strewthbut

    New stabilizer from Ohlins

    Ive got one coming for my x. Here is a link, might give a better idea of the mount
  5. strewthbut

    Fans for 450x? Pics of fan setups?

    A few years back I brought a 2nd hand fan from a CBR 250 off ebay for next to nothing, modified the mounts and slotted it behind the right Rad on my X. Had to bend the Devol Rad brace a bit. Then got the 250X thermo switch from honda, think it was about $50, wired it in and has worked great ever since. Kicks in @ 95 C, out at 90 C. I think there's some pix of it in my Garage. If your cruising down trails or the like Id be suprised you needed one, check your jetting/mixture. I use mine for stockwork which will overheat any watercooled bike.
  6. strewthbut

    Ever Hit a COW?????

    Ouch. Ive had a cow hit me, it went to have a go at the bike & flipped it(& me). Too bad for the cow, it hit the rear axle nut smack bang in the centre of its forehead. Dead. Crazy. No BS
  7. strewthbut

    DRZ250 dies coming off throttle

    Thanks for the responses. I richened up the jetting which made it start and run a bit better, but to stop it dying off throttle i disconnected this: http://www.flickr.com/photos/22945076@N02/2372257461/ Runs great now but, umm, what exactly IS this? some sort of pump?
  8. Hey, Im at a friends place and he's got a new DRZ250. Out of the box, no mods. Its got an erring little habit of dying when you come back off the throttle. It gets a bit worse when its hot. Lowering the idle speed helps a bit, raising the speed worsens the problem. Im heading over to the bike to richen the mixture a bit, just with the fuel screw and probably raise the needle a notch. Any ideas on why its doing this? i havnt had much time with DRZ's Thanks
  9. strewthbut

    Rekluse z-Start?

    I have one and love it. I had to learn my riding style all over again, but 6 hrs later, was thinking it was greatest thing I brought in a long time. So it gets the thumbs up from me. But it does cost $$, one of those things that youd buy if you have money to burn...
  10. strewthbut

    Ck your plug latley?

    I used to use fish oil in the chassis and panels of my beach truck to try and fight off corrosion and rust from all the salt. The wr also copped a lot of beach work, so I thought why not. The head dosnt seem to get hot enough to start burning oil, and though I cant smell it, Im sure plenty of dogs have turned their heads and sniffed as Ive ridden past..
  11. strewthbut

    Ck your plug latley?

    Ive been using a squirt of fish oil in the plug cavity, been doing this on my wr400 since 99 and also on the X. Been workin good for me
  12. strewthbut

    crf 450x cooling fan

    I havnt heard of a bolt-on (dosnt mean they dont exist) for the CRF. I Modded a fan from a CBR 250, have a look in my garage to see for fit. It would be unlikely the bike will overheat unless you are chuggin around in heavy ground, (summer or winter)or jetted poorly. Remember the stock stator on the x is not built for heavy loads.
  13. strewthbut

    I'm Not Worried!! I'm Not Worried!!!!

    as long as youre moving, theyre great for run temp eh? Even on the hottest days - 110 F and above they keep it cool. course they still overheat in technical stuff or chugging around. I ended up putting a fan off a cbr250 on my rh rad, has never gotten over 185 F since and it was a bloody hot summer here! I probably should rewind my stator tho, it must only just be keeping up with the extra load from the fan... Go the engine ice!
  14. strewthbut

    Transmission Improvement

    I'm tempted to split the box and see if anything has badly worn. Tho, after the 3rd oil change(300 k's - close changes, but the silver had me worried) up to now (over 900 k's) the oil has been clean. I'm open for ideas there... True, dunes/ track throw the bike around enough to keep a splash feed box working most probably, test run tho was on a flat dirt road, as close I guess as one can legally get to a tar road flat in 5th I guess time will tell, there certainly is a lot of opinion thrown around on these boxes. Is there anyone out there who HAS added 750cc's or more but still had tranny dramas?
  15. strewthbut

    Transmission Improvement

    Running 750 cc (level w/ the timing cover)motul 300V, over 900km on the clock no probs, some of it at very high speeds (Wanting to run the bike in the Aussie Finke desert race next year, to see if it will handle speed, I ran a 14/42 for 20k's - up to 180k's/hr and im still alive.) 1st 300 k's had what I would call excessive silver in the tranny oil, but since then has been sweet, musta been the run in time.