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  1. I have an 08 crew cab, and have heck of a time getting 2 or more bikes mounted with the 4 tie down points in the bed. I was thinking of getting the Bed Bully, which attaches to the bed rail...but I was also thinking of building my own. Basically i found an aluminum track, used for wall studs, that has notches already in it for tie down hooks, and was going to weld 4 metal plate on the back for mounting to the front of the bed, behind back window. I would use 4BIG washers on the back, to help strengthen and support. Basically my own version of this, but with a total cost of less then $20. http://www.motocrossgiant.com/VersiTRAX_Tie_Down_Rail_p/versitrax_tie_down_rail.htm I believe this is designed for full size trucks, not my mini ride. Any thoughts or suggestions would be helpful! Thanks,
  2. Wr426rdr

    oil leak?

    Thanks for the answer. I figured thats what it was, but wanted to make sure. Thanks!
  3. Wr426rdr

    oil leak?

    I recently bought my son a 2006 KLX110, stock. He crashed the other day, and the bike was laying on its side, leaking oil. I pulled the front sprocket cover off, (thats where it looked like it was leaking from) and everything looks fine. It was not a lot of oil, but enough to make me a lttle concerned. It looks like there is a vent hose in the top of the case, on the shifter side, that is a vent hose? Is it possible he had it a little upside down when he crashed, and it spilled some oil from there? Any thoughts or suggestions, or is this common for this bike? Thanks
  4. Wr426rdr

    x games 15 best whip video

    Did anyone watch the video for Travis and the toilet paper roll? That will be insane if he throws that down at best trick! He is insane!
  5. Wr426rdr

    Pics Glen Helen 2009

    Great Pics!
  6. Wr426rdr

    2008 WR450 setup

    I will be heading out tomorrow to Sonora to ride for the day, and want to get my bike dialed in best i can. It iwll be mostly trails, hills, etc. I have all stock springs. I was curious if anyone out there could give me a ballpark on where to start. I'm 6'2, 195lbs w/o gear. What should i have my sag, and clickers set to? I currently have about 140mm of sag, and the clickers are 7 clicks out. The front seems a little soft. I am not sure if i should raise the forks tubes up a little, or drop them down. If anyone out there as an suggestions, please let me know, thanks!
  7. I just bought 4. He will be missed, he was one of the greats! He and his family are in my prayers
  8. Wr426rdr

    199 lives tonight

    thanks for the heads up! My kids and i just watched it. He is amazingly crazy!
  9. Anyone know where i can download the templates for either a 08 KLX450 or an 08 WR450? Shrouds, fenders, tank, etc. i want to make up my own graphics for my bikes, and have a buddy of mine print them out. Thanks for the help!
  10. Wr426rdr

    2008 WR450 vs 2007 Ninja 500R?

    6"2, 200lbs, and you can't ride! It's ON!!!!!
  11. Wr426rdr

    2008 WR450 vs 2007 Ninja 500R?

    I dont think it would be a blowout, but i do think the WR would get the jump and be faster to 50 then the ninja. I should put super moto rims / tires on and then race him for the cost of the rims / tires.
  12. My buddy has an 07 Ninja 500, i have an 08 WR450. Who would win in a drag race, not that we are going to race, but just curious. His bike is BONE stock. My bike is has all free mods done, and is re-jetted. I think up to 60MPH, i have him beat. I know he would run away after that, due to gearing. What's everybody think???
  13. Wr426rdr

    1985 XR100 Performance mods?

    What size jets should be installed?
  14. Wr426rdr

    1985 XR100 Performance mods?

    My buddy has just purchased an 83" XR100! He's 29 years old, 5'10, and 180lbs. It was purchased for his 12 year daughter, but she doesn't want to ride now, so he thinks he can get some use out of it. This bike could not get out of it's own way! it is BONE stock. What performance mods can be done to give it a little more "pep"? I don't think he is interested in a BIG BORE kit, something along the lines of re-jettting maybe? What size jets, and any other suggestions would be appreciated! I'm getting tired of having to stop, get off my bike, and help push him up the hills! All he wants to do is
  15. Wr426rdr

    JD jetting..install

    What Jets do i need to install to get the bike to perform like the KX450R? My buddy has an 08 KLX450, and he is tired of getting smoked by my 08 WR450! He does not want to buy the kit (wants the jets only, not the AIS removal stuff) Does anyone know what stock Pilot / Main are in the bike, and what he should go to? sea level - 5000 ft. He needs help, and a better rock block, he's tired of eating my rocks!